back to article Microsoft squirts out Vista SP2

Microsoft spat out the second and final service pack for Windows Vista yesterday. Vista SP2 can now be downloaded from Microsoft’s Download Center. However, anyone who had been running the beta of the service pack, which was released late last year, will have to remove it before proceeding with the install. Upgrading to …


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  1. Steve

    And it did not work

    Downed the update.

    Tried to install and i am missing components.... lol

    Sod it

  2. Chris Miller

    Throttled delivery?

    "SP2 delivery over Automatic Update is a ‘throttled release’ which will begin in June”

    Well, the missus's laptop downloaded and installed it last night, with no ill effects (so far). perhaps we're just lucky?

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    half open outbound TCP connections

    "SP2 removes the limit of 10 half open outbound TCP connections. By default, SP2 has no limit on the number of half open outbound TCP connections."

  4. Anonymous Coward

    " final service pack for Windows Vista "

    Surely, that's Windows 7?

  5. Jason Togneri

    Here's my favourite Windows bug... notes that "SP2 repairs nearly 700 nagging Vista bugs and security updates.". It's a shame we don't have curious but interestesting things like this:

    "Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music"

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not squirted out

    MS service packs are squeezed out, then pinched off.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If you'd bothered to read the page that you liked to, you'd know that it's not a bug and it's nothing to do with microsoft. Other than that, spot on.

  8. Christopher Rogers

    bloat kill switch?

    If SP 2 has a bloat kill switch then vista would maybe finally be worthwhile. The great performance of Windows7 on my now aging kit has shown me that Vista truely is a complete disaster and that the best way for it to be improved is to butcher the amount of junk running at any one time.

    Or wait 6 months for Windows 7.

  9. FreeTard

    Vista now on SP2

    Logon was noticeably slower, as I now have to go and re-disable services... how annoying.

  10. Colin Barfoot


    @Jason Togneri

    The MS support page cites, the Deep Foundations Insititute, as a source of related information. That's one hell of a bug. You'd have thought Microsoft could have spotted 50 tonne pile driver.

  11. Jon Thompson


    348.3MB for a frickin' service pack? What the hell is it, a downgrade to XP?

  12. Paul Stephenson


    installed on about 5 pc's. seems to have improved performance slightly on this desktop, although that could have been cause it got rebooted :) - a few days time should tell!

  13. Scott Mckenzie

    Any sign of TVPack....

    ...unlikely i'm sure!

  14. Matt B
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    Doesn't work with Nod32's ESS 4 x64 real time security. Lets hope my system restore point works OK.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Matt B

    "Doesn't work with Nod32's ESS 4 x64 real time security"

    or you can wait for nod32 to patch it??

    maybe just maybe thats nods fault, not ms!

  16. kevin biswas

    lipstick + pig

    == pig

  17. Chris

    Win 7

    If you hate windows Vista, just use Vista 2.0 (Win 7) as that seems to work, been using the RC release for a few days now and have found it to be much better then Vista :)

  18. Inachu

    This is funny.

    This is funny has my Vista SP1 system crashed and died yesterday.

    So I formatted and installed Windwos XP instead.

    Too late now.... I'll wait until my XP system crashes then I'll install Vista then get this sp2.....


  19. Liam Thom

    I don't understand...

    You mean there are still people on Vista? The upgrade is free you fools.

  20. Grant
    Gates Horns

    Applying it now

    Almost got the 350Mb version, but noticed that I needed the x64 version instead - at twice the size.

    Thought they would would just download a small installer which sucks down what is required as required?

    I had a few languages installed for testing Vista, so install failed. Two separate reboots which took ages to apply, just to remove the extra languages. Now to reboot again with the SP2. only taken about 90 minutes of my life which I really would like back some time

  21. Steven Snape
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    What I find annoying

    What I find annoying is that to install SP2 you have to first install SP1. As a simle tech who has to rescue virus infected home pc's, usually by the lazy but effective backup data and run manufacturers system recovery method. This means ideally I have to now install 2 seperate service packs to help stop the muppets getting infected again. This wont be fun on the old cheap celeron laptops with 512mb ram. Maybe I should train a chimp to press the right buttons on a keyboard and swap disks every 50 minutes.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music

    From MS website:

    For aditional related information, please see the following DFI Web site:

    What the heck has the Deep Foundations Institute got to do with this??

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Steven Snape...

    Maybe the point of this is to make recovery cost more to the end user...more profit to the middle man = more windows sales...

    Your employer already has a chimp...

    get back to pressing those buttons...

  24. Anonymous Coward
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    Whats the problem?

    Downloaded x64 version yesterday, took about 15-20 minutes to install including reboots, but then .... but then it is a dast but "normally aspirated" i7 - seem to be working perfectly fine.

    Ditch nod32 never had the work on a machine yet without crippling it, go for Gdata instead...

  25. Brian Morrison
    Jobs Horns

    SP2 install woes

    I've just tried 3 times to install SP2, every time it finishes the 3rd stage of "Installing Service Pack" then says it failed to install and reverts everything

    It turns out that there are some lively threads about it at MS's answers site, an example is here:

    The reason for the grief is that a Grub installation for Fedora is treated as a corrupted boot sector by this SP, apparently I would need to "repair" (that's MS code for fuck up) my boot sector with the VIsta boot loader, and then reload Grub after booting from a Fedora disk once the Service Pack is installed.

    Well done MS, another inability to mesh with the rest of the world. I was able to install Vista SP1 without problems so why is SP2 borked?

    Evil Steve, because you can bet some chairs will die over this.

  26. Dex


    ....they meant the dTi ^_^ So they know what channels we can go through to complain and get action mwahahahha

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