back to article Apple tweaks 13in MacBook specs

Without any fanfare, Apple has updated the specifications of its 13in MacBook. Apple_13in_MacBook Apple's changed the MacBook's processor, memory and storage specs Although still based around an Intel Core 2 Duo, Apple’s upped the processor speed from 2.0GHz to 2.13GHz. But that’s not all, because Apple also increased the …


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  1. Another Anonymous Coward


    Just a light bit of upgrading all around.

    Very welcome to see. If companies like Apple don't want to lower their prices for the recession, they should at least be increasing value without raising it.

  2. Ian Ferguson
    Jobs Halo


    Was literally about to place an order for one for my parents. Will wait a few days :)

    I do like the fact that Apple continuously tweaks, but it's a bit nervewracking when you're placing an order and don't know if it's a good time or bad!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    NO ExpressCard expansion. But incremental improvements welcome.

    For a notebook/laptop at this price you'd expect to have ExpressCard expansion as seen on PC laptops of same price and also in the MacBookPro. This is a glaring omission and limits the expansion opportunities and choice of add-on peripherals.

    If it had this then I would get one, as it would be better value and more compact than a MacBookPro. Then the MacBookPro doesn't really offer much more - 15.4" display with 1440x900 resolution - I'd rather 1920x1200 WUXGA like on my 15.4" Dell Inspiron 8600. So I'd rather benefit from a smaller device and a smaller screen with a decent resolution for that size (1280x800) rather than a larger 15.4" screen which offers little benefit of its larger size with an inefficient use of space resolution of 1440x900.

    I agree with the other poster that I like Apple doing incremental improvements rather than annoying customers with groundbreaking changes.

  4. Alvin

    Apple bumps up price of white Macbook to £749

    Following the minor specification upgrades of the white polycarbonate Macbook in the UK, Apple has now increased the price of their lowest end Macbook model by £30, from £719 to £749.

    This price increase is just not justified in my opinion.

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