back to article Google crossbreeds search with spreadsheet

Google is breeding a newfangled search tool that automatically organizes web data into the familiar rows and columns of an ordinary spreadsheet. That may sound trivial. But in Googleland, it’s close to walking on water. Dubbed Google Squared, this experimental tool will make its public debut as a Google Labs offering "later …


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  1. cookieMonster
    Paris Hilton

    So... porn in a spreadsheet

    paris, well because.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Google catches up


  3. dan russell
    Paris Hilton

    And this would have nothing to do with...

    all the publicity in geekland about WolframAlpha would it?

    Paris, because it's Springtime

  4. joe K

    Deep search?

    Anyone else think all they're doing is trawling Wikipedia, extracting complied data from there, and perhaps following a few links from Wiki references just to randomise the data origins a bit?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yellow Trucks

    I'm sure they'll figure out how to do it, someone very wise once suggested they do it with image searches, making better use of their 2 dimensional grid that simple left to right top to bottom reading order.

    Yellow ->



  6. JMB


    Google develops nice advanced search techniques then clutters up the matches with commercial sites, the biggest problem is filtering them all out.

  7. Ian Ferguson


    Google, please do this for me:

    X row: Top 100 female porn stars by hits

    Y row: Breast size

    Field contents: Image

  8. Karl A. Anderson

    Prior art

    Battelle, for whom I once worked, developed an application ( for representing search results as a dynamic 3-D landscape, with higher "elevations" indicating the most relevant hits. The user can zoom in on landscape features of interest for more details. I thought it was pretty cool when they announced it in 1996.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Mixed metaphors FTL!

    > "I think we can open the kimono a little bit," Mayer volunteered. "I will say the technology behind it is totally amazing."

    So, who's up for robot sex?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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