back to article Seagate intros Replica slimline backup box

Data backups can be a painful process, so Seagate’s designed a storage gadget that’ll backup everything from your photos and emails to your browser’s bookmarks in, it claims, just three easy steps. Seagate_Replica_01 Seagate's Replica: just three steps to backup heaven Replica only requires you to hook its USB 2.0 cable …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If this stores all of your files and folders in the original hierarchy on your new disk, what's the difference between this and plugging in a 250gb USB hard drive and dragging and dropping the contents of your C: or whatever to it?

    Does it do incremental backups or anything like that?

    As described I can't quite see the point...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    A Bit Expensive!

    "Seagate said Replica will be available next month, priced at $200 (£137/€151) for the multiple unit" [500GB]

    A quick browse around Maplin, and I can see 500GB external drives (including Seagate's) for around £60 - £90.

    If the extra cost of this new drive is just to let it "store copies of all your files in the same structure that they’re organised in on your PC", is it really so hard to learn to use XCOPY ?

  3. Dave Silver badge


    I hope this does compression on the fly, otherwise 250GB isn't going to go far...

  4. VampyreWolf

    500gb multi-unit backup?

    So what happens when your file server has 2TB of space? I'm guessing the 250GB single unit backup is for office computers.

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