back to article Verizon may gobble up Diet iPhone

Apple is close to an agreement with Verizon Wireless to launch two new Apple products this year: a cut-down iPhone and a larger device dubbed a "media pad" - although they may not be much use to anyone outside the US. According to Business Week, the story emanates from two sources identified as "familiar with the matter", and …


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    I'm not sure that it would be such an expensive exercise to develop for "CDMA". The RF/baseband chipsets are mature, and close ties between the IC manufacturers and handset makers would quickly resolve design issues.

    Anyway, both 3G standards are very similar, coming in large part from Qualcomm's CDMA patents, the basic technology for which goes back to radar research from decades ago:

    1) UMTS (including HSPA extensions), which is common in Europe and some of Asia, is a 3GPP standard based on W-CDMA, which was originally specified by Docomo.

    2) CDMA2000 (including EVDO extensions), which is common in the US and bits of Asia, is a 3GPP2 standard developed directly by Qualcomm.

    The more interesting question is when we can expect devices based on 3GPP LTE, which is a big change in terms of the physical layer technology (OFDMA / SC-FDMA based).

    LTE has the support of virtually every major player these days (with the exception of those firmly in the WiMax camp, which it could be argued will end up addressing a rather different market anyway).

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