back to article LG insider points to Apple OLED notebook

An LG staffer has made the very bold claim that 15in Apple notebooks equipped with OLED displays will appear within months. Last year, LG signed a $500m deal with Apple to supply the Mac maker with unspecified types of displays through to 2013. This week, an unnamed LG insider told website SmartHouse that the deal includes …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Would even Apple launch an ultra-premium product during the downturn?"

    yes, plenty of Apple buyers still got the green to blow on flashy stuff

    don't think it's the law that Apple can only launch iphone stuff at ADC either

    something to be said for a premium brand to lead the market with something like OLED

    Dell and others then have to catch up with their Air-a-likes ...

  2. Neil Hoskins

    "Would even Apple launch an ultra-premium product during the downturn?"

    Of course! For heavens' sake, it's not rocket science: the rich are the only people likely to come out of this mess OK. As usual, it will be the working- and middle-classes that suffer. IIRC, Porche did very well over the past 12 months. If I were running any manufacturing business right now, I should be frantically trying to move my product range up-market.

  3. Mike Richards

    Must be true

    I've just order a MacBook Pro - me spending money on any product inevitable results in either the company going spectacularly broke or upgrading the whole range.

    If anyone would like Aston Martin to release a new range of cars, please get in contact with me and bring £100,000 in used non-sequential notes.

  4. Christian Berger Silver badge

    Cost savings?

    Isn't OLED _way_ cheaper than LCD? I mean why else is it used so frequently in cheap devices?

  5. TeeCee Gold badge


    If the fact that it'll look good but be hideously expensive is a reason to doubt the existance of an Apple product then that Apple Store down the road here must be a figment of my imagination.....

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  7. Danny Thompson
    Paris Hilton

    Expensive OLED?? WTF???

    "...Tiwari also warned that they will “cost 2.1 times the price of an LCD”"

    And what happened to the talk that OLED was going to be cheaper to produce than LCD? At 2.1 times the cost of LCD the LCD manufacturers are hardly going to be pooing their pants at the prospect of Sony/LG wiping the floor with this new technology. It'll be selling like Unicorn horns.

    Paris - 'cos she's a rare bit of expensive stuff also

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