back to article AMD loses cash less quickly

AMD's CEO Dirk Meyer has fired a shot at his Intel counterpart, Paul Otellini, who recently said that the PC market has hit rock bottom. In a call on Tuesday revealing his company's 2009 first-quarter results, Meyer said: "I've heard some say we've hit bottom. I don't know how someone could say we've hit bottom in the current …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Holy Grail Territory Again.

    "But oh, those pesky enterprise customers. After noting that "the outlook is murky at best," Meyer admitted that "The enterprise side of the commercial market is clearly still weak. Wallets are closed."

    Which echoes Otellini, who recently said that enterprise customers are "keeping their wallets shut."

    And that's one analysis upon which Dirk and Paul have found common ground"

    Probably that is because enterprising customers are doing IT for themselves, nowadays, and don't need to be carrying dead wood supporting businesses with them they Cerebrally Connect with the Cloud Crowd for Control and Power of SCADA Systems which you may or may not realise are Phishy/Spooky Dragnets with No Leading Mindset of their Own .... Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. Thus are they Vulnerable to Baited Grooming/Trailed Novel Content in Parameters of Interest and that can be XXXXPloited to the Extreme in both the White Hat and Black Hat Genre/MetaDataMeme.

    And Playing One off against the Other Provides Absolute Power and Obscene Wealth in Both Extremes Controlling All Shades of Opinion and Levels of Intelligence in Between.

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