back to article Bluetooth 3.0+HS arrives without the HS

The next version of Bluetooth is being launched today, though anyone hoping to see ultrawideband (UWB) capabilities will be disappointed to see that for the moment "HS" means Wi-Fi speeds over a Wi-Fi carrier. Bluetooth version 3.0+HS will have some other new features, but it's High Speed that's going to attract the attention …


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  1. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Sounds familiar

    "The original Bluetooth connection remains in place and manages the faster connection for the duration of the transfer, then shuts it down"

    It sounds like an old file transfer protocol that suffers from high latency, terrible compatibility, race conditions, and excessive network resource consumption. If only I could recall the name of that file transfer protocol, I could warn people of the shortcomings in initiating a secondary channel.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bit disingenuous to call it Bluetooth, methinks

    but I can't deny the appeal of generating ad-hoc WiFi connections for one-shot file transfers and the like without having to dig about configuring it

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  4. John


    With my trusty, but unfortunately now mildly broken, SE k750i, I could transfer files via bluetooth to and from my MacBook. It could be pretty slow, but it was handy (it was also a fantastic remote control for presentations). My dad's Motorola phone didn't come with a data cable, so I've used the MacBook for getting his photos off his phone.

    Now, with my iPhone, I can't use bluetooth for arbitrary transfers. It's sync everything with the cable or nothing. Hopefully BT 3.0 doesn't need extra hardware and it can be added to the current iPhone for wireless sync and at least transfer of photos. iPhoto isn't usually the way I want to manage my iPhone's photo library. It's possible the media/content conglomerates would be able to force Apple to nix the ability to transfer files arbitrarily to any device, but could we at least be allowed to swap photos wirelessly without recourse to email?

  5. asdf Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    bluetooth like blue ray, lots of promises

    Remember back around the turn of the century when the fanbois were howling how this technology was going to change the world and then at its first major demonstration it failed miserably? Should have been a clue then I guess. It is nice and convenient and all but when its data rate is so low it gimps 3G nine years later you know its a meh technology.

  6. Chris
    Thumb Up

    Bucktooth - Its been a success.

    Misspelling for comedy effect.... Anyway I would say bluetooth has been a successful and useful technology it connects my phone to my car automaticly to my laptop to sync , adhoc transfers with my friends. I really wish it was used more for example... Memory card readers, cameras, syncing tomtom, I think mouses and keyboards use it, external drives... yes maybe its a bit slow for that but it all seams frustratingly slow. I have a new work laptop (so not my choice) NO Bluetooth? why does such an option even exist its got a/b/g wifi? So we really still have plenty of uses for bluetooth as I sodding hate carrying cables for everything else still! Oh yeah more bluetooth printers please!

  7. Monkey

    Gotta agree with Bucktooth

    It may not have become the defacto high speed data protocol is was touted to be, but in terms of core connectivity functionality, it has certainly become very common place. Even vehicle GPU's and fault diagnostic modules are bluetoothed into these days. When a technology jumps outside of the original application 'boundaries' into areas like this, you'd be hard pressed to say it wasn't a success.

    How many laptops were previously wrecked by the user not unplugging the USB cable to their phone before throwing the computer into a bag and the USB socket bending and breaking the motherboard?! Gimme bluetooth over a cable connection anyday for the day to day linking and syncing up.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    and onto wi-fi powered headsets

    how long will it be before we have wi-fi powered headsets?

    And some idiots out there will think that is a good thing!

    Isn't the power of marketing good! NOT!

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