back to article Microsoft cut 'n' shuts search engine with bribery machine

Microsoft has stitched together its product search engine with the company’s Live Search Cashback service ahead of the relaunch of its clunky, Google-wannabe brand. The company confirmed the move in a blog post yesterday. It said bringing the two services under one roof would “make it easier for you to research, compare …


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  1. Steven


    Redmond revealed last week that its search engine re-launch project carried the code name of Kiev

    Hmm so thats, looks substantion from the outsie, but just full of hot goo. Very fitting :)

  2. CT

    legacy Jellyfish backend... mmm

    " migrated from the legacy Jellyfish backend technology it had been using"


  3. TeeCee Gold badge
    Gates Horns


    Is that supposed to be an onomatopoeic representation of the Windows "Critical Stop" sound? You know, the one that inevitably occurs at some point when using MS's online services, just before IE irrevocably shits itself and the GUI restarts.

  4. adnim Silver badge


    jellyfish and kiev, not the kind of thing one would like to see on a menu. Bound to leave an awful taste in ones mouth.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    MS search engine is akin to kiddie script

    I lost count of the number of times I used the Microsoft search engine within the site to locate Microsoft based technical documents (MSDN/Technet) only to leave empty handed. And when I used Google using the same search keywords, the search produced positive results.

    Why is it that Google can find Microsoft documents hosted on Microsoft servers while the Microsoft search engine so miserably fails is beyond me. Long live to Google.

  6. Steve

    use live search?

    Not if they paid me!

    Not since I was looking for the IE7 installer download and the browser I was on (Not my own) defaulted to /Live Search/ it could not find it, it found loads of spyware I might choose to install tho', I went to google and it found it straight away.

    Why oh why would I use a search service that not only cant even find their own software downloads, but gives me results that would/could cause damage to my OS?

  7. Inachu
    Dead Vulture

    Microsofts Search Results

    Microsofts Search Results are not something I very much desire and the look and feel

    of it is something less to be desired.

    The search engine and whatever backbone they use to make it operational and those that use it but not out of faith but to make it look like they have company pride is akin to those multi level marketing health products that you buy and they will only work for you if only you truly bellieve that they do work. So this search engien based on the faith that IT DOES WORK approach is a TOTAL FAILURE at best.

    If I was Bill Gates i would shutter the entire Microsoft search engine and relating technology and start over from scratch without resuing any old code.

    I never liked the seach results and more often than not the only pages in the result that were optimized for the search engine was the entire website or itself. Outside of that realm the search engine was useless.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Just shows....

    that when MS don't have a monopoly on the market and can't force feed their dodgy software onto poor unsuspecting users (I'm looking at you IE), then even paying people to use their sub-par wares doesn't drag the punters in.

  9. Pascal Monett Silver badge


    Must be a typo - there's an "L" missing.

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