back to article Q1 PC sales: Bad, but not quite awful

Worldwide PC sales fell 7.1 per cent to 63.1 million in the first quarter of 2009, not as far as expected. The figures, from IDC, show worldwide desktop and laptop shipments were down 7.1 per cent in the first quarter of 2009 compared to the same period of 2008. Which ain't good - but it's better than the 8.2 per cent …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not to worry...

    When the U.S. auto industry is decimated by mismanagement on Capitol Hill in the next few months, HP and Dell are likely to go down along with 6,000 other vendor suppliers, in the aftermath.

  2. Eric Van Haesendonck

    Let's put this in perspective

    Three months ago semiconductor manufacturers expected a drop in sales of about 30% ( ), so a fall in sales of PCs of only 7% doesn't look that bad to me.

    Also it is to be expected that Netbooks (or rather mini laptops) will do well, since "normal" PCs are now overpowered for most peoples usage. Why pay more for power you don't need, especially in these troubled economic times.

  3. Nigel

    Real reason Dell down?

    Isn't the real reason for Dell's woes the corporate contempt that they showed for their customers a few years back?

    A long time ago, Dell used to have loyal customers. I once heard someone say that their customer support was "worth calling from another planet". Then, greed took over. Everything that wasn't a direct source of revenue got cut. People kept buying, on out-of-date recommendations. The bosses took this as a reason to cut even more.

    Then the word got out, that although Dell machines still (mostly) worked well, the support when things went wrong had been outsourced to Elbonia. People told their friends, and started buying elsewhere. (HP may be a major beneficiary of this). Their previous reputation has now been replaced in many quarters by "anyone but Dell".

    Frankly, I don't care whether Dell have fixed their problem. I'm happy with my new suppliers, and have no intention of sticking my hand back into the shark tank. When will the bosses learn, it takes ten years to build a good reputation, and ten days (sometimes ten minutes) to destroy one?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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