back to article Fourth antivirus firm buys into behavioural blocking

Web and email security firm Marshal8e6 has bought behaviour-based malware detection specialist Avinti. The terms of the deal, announced Tuesday, were undisclosed. Marshal8e6 said the deal would allow it to offer its customers improved protection against blended threats, emails that attempt to trick recipients into visiting …


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  1. Nicholas Ettel
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    Wtf is 8e6? Some kind of damned internet colloquialism for eight-ee-six (ie 86)? I automatically will not use their products due to their absolutely ridiculous name. Not to mention, I've never even heard of them or Marshal. I sincerely hope their products are good; they're going to need something incredible to get past their absurd name.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    re 8e6?

    Oh I see. You wont buy from them because they got a silly name...

    Unlike companies like:

    EMC ( e=mc2)


    Gadzoox (actually i think they went out of business)


    Heck the list is too long.

  3. Steve

    re 8e6

    Please tell me you just forgot to use the joke alert icon...?

    Marshal products are very, very good as much as I've used them. Now in the process of deploying new versions of their Mail and Web products and the improvements they keep making as well as honest development roadmaps (gave me a date for x86 and Win2k8 support last year that was met) makes me a very happy customer.

    You keep on with Windows or Linux or Apple software instead....

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    RE: re 8e6?

    I always thought Micro Soft was a joke name, still I suppose it's less threatening then Mega Hard.

  5. Dr. Vesselin Bontchev

    Speaking of ridiculous names

    "Zero Knowledge Systems" was a favorite of mine. Perhaps they were under the impression that all of their potential customers would be mathematicians/cryptologists when they picked the name of their company...

  6. Phil Rigby
    Paris Hilton

    @Nicholas - Marshal

    Marshal's main product is MailMarshal, an smtp relay/gateway that scans email for virus, bad words, malware, phishing, S-OX compliance, etc. It's pretty good (in my opinion, sure other people hate it)

  7. Clark Coffman
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    8e6 rocks

    @Nicholas Ettel, that's a very odd statement to make in this day and age about a companies product name. In this case it's very accurate for what they do. Not to worry though they mainly deal with large organizations so I don't think they are going to be too upset that you won't consider buying their products.

    My organization has been using 8e6's R3000 hardware for years. They are pretty sweet little 1U machines that analyze outgoing web traffic without actually holding it up, at least the way we have them configured. They are very versatile machines and, unlike other companies I deal with, 8e6's support is fantastic. To be fair we only use their equipment to filter web traffic not check for virus'. We use four of these boxes to filter the web traffic for all the public schools in North Dakota and while not 100% (what is except a whitelist?) they work pretty darn well.

  8. jai

    re re 8e6?

    and microsoft - micro implies small, soft implies flexible - and how many gigabytes does it take to install windows?

    or maybe the OP is a penguin abuser - because Linux (or SuSE or Fedora etc etc) are perfectly reasonable names aren't they?

    it's a good job we're not all so xenophobic about strange sounding names, eh Mr Ettel?

  9. robert
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    latin fail

    vidi not vedi

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Would you trust a company that can't spell their name correctly?

    If they can't spell properly how good can their software be?

  11. Wyrmhole


    Marshal8e6 sounds more like the name of a group of VXers rather than an anti-virus firm, e.g. "HAXED BY MARSHAL8E6 LULZ".

  12. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Anyone else ...

    Heard of a sandbox?

    This is new technology?

    Guys I've just invented this thing called the wheel but I can't decide what colour it should be.

    (Sorry DNA for mangling the quote).

  13. Adrian Esdaile

    Prefered protection rackets

    How do I choose which protection racket *cough* AV firm to use? Should I use all of them? If I do, can I expect a major turf war to break out in my data?

    And what kind of behaviour does it block? Root-level access, boot-block writing, that kind of thing that viruses do... OH, and so does Securom et al. as used by many BigNames(tm). We're not talking games here, we're talking major CAD & graphic design software that comes with FREE! rootkit installation...

  14. Anonymous Coward


    "microsoft - micro implies small .."

    well actually Microsoft was formed at the timed when the term Micro-computer (as opposed to Mini or mainframe) was in common use. So the name was actually a good one..... then....

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