back to article Acer debuts thin and light notebooks for the masses

So here we are in New York for the first leg of Acer's seasonal refresh. The Taiwanese PC company is making a really big deal of the line-up, 20 products grouped into three areas - notebooks / netbooks / and all-in-one PCs and slotted into three brands: Acer, Gateway (Packard Bell in Europe) and eMachines. It wheeled in …


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  1. richard

    "Laminar Wall Jet"????


  2. Paul Taylor

    what watt?

    > and reckons the smart adapter this means tha saves 1,752 watt per year

    > – or 15 watt bulb to be lit for 116 days.

    What is a watt per year? Does this mean that its power consumption varies with age?

    Come on, I don't expect this kind of ignorance with units from a techie site.

  3. Chris Hatfield

    Excellent competition for Apple

    I hope this can run Mac OS X. (otherwise, Windows is fine)

    Although the article is tl;dr the pictures look nice. I love these netbooks. I want more.

  4. Skinny
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    Acer looking good

    Between myself and a few family members who all asked me to help them buy a laptop, I've surprised myself (although it probably shouldn't) that I've ended up with an Acer on each occasion.

    Factoring in the 'looks' of the machines, the specification and most importantly the price point they've just been the obvious choice, whether it was a 17" gaming laptop for my brother in law (Blu - Ray Drive, 17" screen, 4Gb Ram, 250Gb HDD, NVidia dedicated graphics with dedicated memory $999) or a simple e-mail browser (Acer Aspire One) it would appear that Acer really are on the ball at the moment.

    Reading some of those other articles you link to at the end, I really like the looks of their nettop (Bad word, must think of something better) so I'm guessing Acer will have a good year.

  5. Andrew Garrard

    Okay, so a netbook with a bigger screen, but...

    If these are positioned as "like a notebook-not-netbook" (cheap and light) but for people who want a bigger screen, the article does a particularly fine job of not mentioning the resolution anywhere. I'll be astonished if the public is clamouring for a 15" laptop with a 1024x600 screen.

    As it happens (rummaging on Acer's site), they all appear to be 1366x768 - so enough either to display 720p content with a black border all around it or stretched content so that it's blurry, whilst being a bad fit for anything but video. Got to love the rush to 16:9.

    I'm not grabbed. I'll keep saving for a Vaio P, which doesn't look like costing much more.

    (I'll get me coat. Into which a Vaio P would fit, but this won't.)

  6. Codge

    @ What What? Wot?


    > 1,752W each year – equivalent to a 15W bulb lit for 116 days.


    1,752W / 15W/Hour = 16.8 HOURS

    Cor... That will save me 20p a year!

    Boffin's obviously need not apply to El Reg...

  7. Codge

    @ Me. FAIL

    116.8 HOURS! Doh!

    Typo, and too quick on the Post comment button....

    Walks off in a huff, mumbling profanities.........

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    Too expensive.

    ..."the entry levels will cost $599-799 (and presumably around the same in UK pounds)"...

    Not if they want to sell many in the UK. In a depression, value wins over style.

  9. Matthew
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    Looks good

    Might upgrade to that one later this year then :-)

  10. Anonymous Coward


    "The company claims that equivalent, or worse specced, notebooks from Lenovo, Sony and HP cost $2000 or more" ................Geez, you'd think they were talking about Macbooks!

  11. Anonymous Coward


    Surely laminar boundary layers transfer heat to the core flow less effectively than turbulent ones?

    I'll get my coat...

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Laptops should not be used on laps!

    WiFi laptops when they first came out, used to carry a warning that it should be used more than 30cm away from the body. Placing a WiFi laptop on your lap is just going to heat up your legs (and other precious body parts!) via radiation. Not recommended!

  13. Jason Chapman
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    Spec looks good, till you get to the screen res.

    I need 1680 x 1050, not 13768 or whatever. Shame, I was going to get an Acer last time, but ended up with a Dell as Acer advertised in their lit a high spec XP machine, but no-one in the UK could get them (about 3 yrs ago).

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