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The de facto standard for netbook storage might now have become the hard disk, but that still leaves rather a lot of machines out there with solid-state drives, some fast, some slow, all low capacity, at least when compared to HDDs. Crucial N125 SSD Crucial's N125: capacious, but no looker Enter the purveyors of after- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Or try RunCore SSDs...

    If you want more speed then look for RunCore SSD upgrades for the EEE and Mini9... much better than these Crucial units...

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Dell mini9

    I have tried the dell mini9 with the crucial upgrade and found it increadibly slow, leaving the machine unresponsive and slow, ended up returning it and getting a 16GB SDHC card instead, random access on small files was the downfall of this memory unit reducing the speed down to 180Kbytes/s at times, the original unit could do 4.73Mbytes/s.

  3. Tom


    I agree with the first poster. I bought a RunCore pro card for my Eee 900 - its now a serious computer - I'm getting 120Mb read and 80Mb write speeds from it... OK, it was quite a bit more pricey than this crucial unit, but well worth the extra dosh.

  4. Gordon Silver badge
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    3rd the runcore comments

    It baffles me why crucial would release such a crap product 3-4 later than the runcores have been available

    For Dell Mini 9

    Crucial 64gb 40 Mb/s Read 15 Mb/s Write - Approx £140

    Runcore 64Gb 78 Mb/s Read 44 Mb/s Write - Approx £190

    Double - triple the performance for 50 quid more is a no brainer. If you cant afford the 64Gb run core the 32GB is only £100-ish

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