back to article HP bails on massive Wi-Fi patent claim

Hewlett-Packard has cashed out of a four-year-old Wi-Fi patent lawsuit from Australia's national science agency that's targeted a who's-who list of big tech vendors with wireless products. Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) is seeking billions of dollars in royalties from the tech …


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  1. General A. Annoying

    A way out of the recession?

    Become a patent troll!

  2. Stephen Thair


    The patent talks about "frequencies in excess of 10Ghz"... yet 802.11 is less than 5GHz?

    As much as I want to see CSIRO stick it to the Yanks (CSIRO has a long history of being ripped off and failing to commercial major innovation) might not this pose a problem???

  3. The BigYin


    "The opposition has argued CSIRO's patent is invalid because of the existence of prior art that made the patent claim "obvious" at time it was filed."

    If that is true and it holds up in court, can we then chuck out all the crap patents that the USA issues?

  4. john.w

    What is a Patent worth

    The idea that the value of a patent is related to the income generated from its use in a particular product is perverse. Wi-Fi is a great success not because it uses OFDM modulation but because a lot of different companies agreed to promote and provide interoperability to a complete wireless solution. What did CSIRO contribute to the success of Wi-Fi, not a lot, so make any reward 'not a lot'.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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