back to article Yahoo! stacks big, purple mobile pack

Yahoo! launched a new version of its mobile page today, stacking nearly every Yahoo! service along with other popular web utilities into a tall drink of web portal. The new Yahoo! Mobile has also been rolled into a new application for the iPhone - which is quite similar to the website but divides the action into separate …


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  1. Andy Barber

    If it works...

    ...why fix it? I've used Yahoo! since 1995 & it works very well.

  2. James O'Brien

    I stopped reading at....

    Yahoo! stacks big, purple....

    Yeah 'nuff said

  3. Simon We Love Mobile

    Yahoo! Launches Big Purple Scooby Snack

    My big question is, why?

    Why would I want Yahoo! to be my mobile home-screen. Aren’t internet portals for lazy people who never make it past their ISP’s walled garden? Does anyone persevere or spend any time on web portals like iGoogle. And more importantly, do portals like this fit in with mobile usage?

    Overweight offerings like Yahoo portal don’t seem to really fulfill any need apart from offering Yahoo! execs the prospect of mobile land-grabbing. But doing everything doesn’t count for much unless you are doing everything really really well. Google manages this trick for quite a bit, but doesn’t claim to the home for content discovery, for instance. Yahoo! doesn’t look like it is offering anything new or better than what is already out there, its just lumped everything in one great big purple sandwich.

    I have written a longer article about Yahoo mobile portal, you can check it on:

This topic is closed for new posts.

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