back to article Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope springs to beta

The Jaunty Jackalope edition of Ubuntu has been released to beta. Ubuntu 9.04 brings a clutch of improvements to the desktop while taking the first step on the server closer to Amazon-style cloud computing. Final code is scheduled for release on April 27. Ubuntu Server Edition 9.04 will let you run Amazon Machine Images ( …


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  1. Goat Jam

    Can I be the first to say


  2. hikaricore
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    Jack My Lope

    I've been Jacking since before it was considered alpha and loved every minute of it.

    Fucking Intrepid was segfaulting out the ass for not particular reason.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Can't wait for it

    Eager to try the Exchange MAPI, this and the Windows-only VPN (they are changing to something else more standard) are the about the only things that refrains me from reformatting my work laptop.

    This combined with the latest KDE (note, I'm talink about KUbuntu, not Ubuntu) could give a lot of computers a much longer useful life in the workplace. Vista is too demanding for anything purchased four years ago or older, but the buntus run nicely on those.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Looking good!

    I've been running 9.04 since Alpha 5, as for the first time I wanted to be involved in seeing how a distro develops and maybe help out where I could.

    I've been impressed with the simple speed of 9.04, it is a remarkable improvement over Hardy Heron. Overall I think the release is genuinely exciting for Ubuntu users, and a lot of work has clearly gone in.

    I'm running the Alphas on my Media Centre PC, so if it breaks I have no TV ( I like a bit of danger!). There was one wobble where a tweak in Xorg broke MythTV's screen drawing, but after reporting it the fix was issued within a couple of days.

    I think Ubuntu is a nice distro, and I hope 9.04 really gets some attention, as I honestly think it's the best release yet.

  5. Phil

    Beta? Alpha, or Tribe is it not....?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but technically it's not a Beta, since Ubuntu is in a manner of speaking always in beta, Canonical actually refer to pre-release editions as Alpha (and formerly Tribe) or Development editions.

    Whether they should be truly consider betas in the common sense, and whether the use of Alpha is just an extra step to discourage production use of pre-release versions I don't know, but anyway I digress from my real point which is, the headline of this article is inaccurate.

    Mines the one with the "Pedantry for Dummies" book in the pocket.

    P.S. I would like an icon of the tux penguin getting his coat.

  6. Piggy and Tazzy
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    But will wireless work out of the box?

    Probably not.

    Until such time as it's no longer a bloody nightmare to get wireless working (especially Broadcom), I won't be going anywhere near it.

  7. Benny
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    @But will wireless work out of the box?

    I was running 8.04 and wireless was completly borked on it, upgraded to 8.10 and voila! Wireless just ... works! So im guessing that 9.04 will be the same, if not improved

  8. Kevin Whitefoot

    @But will wireless work out of the box?

    I have an Acer One with Atheros wifi and a T61p with whatever it has and both worked out of the box with Ubuntu. (Easy Peasy on the One, plain Ubuntu 8.04 on the T61p). Don't know about Broadcomm wifi but Broadcomm Bluetooth works out of the box as does Cambridge Silicon Radio.

    If been running wifi in Ubuntu on Thinkpads for several years now. Never needed to do anything special.

  9. PushF12

    I hope that trackerd is disabled or gone in Jaunty

    I'm still sore from the bent-over experiment that was trackerd. It was a huge embarrassment for Canonical. (Tracker is a clone of Apple's Spotlight, just done poorly like in Vista.)

  10. Jos

    @But will wireless work out of the box?

    Running 8.10 here on my brand new Pavillion dv4.

    The broadcom 4322AG wireless straight after installation without doing anything extra.

    Also, when I plugged in my Huawei E220 modem it was detected instantly, asked me which provider I used (and country), and ran perfect after that.

    The only correction I had to make was an extra sound driver to solve stuttering sound output, but this took about 10 minutes to find and install.

    I expect 9.04 to be great!


  11. Malcom Ryder

    cd burning

    I just hope they fix the CD burning software Brasero, it doesn't work on my new Dell Studio computer

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Correct me if I'm wrong but technically it's not a Beta, since Ubuntu is in a manner of speaking always in beta, Canonical actually refer to pre-release editions as Alpha (and formerly Tribe) or Development editions."

    Always in Beta? I think you're confusing Ubuntu with Google. Or perhaps you're just confused.

    Sorry, but there has always been a beta of every realease for as long as I can recall. Take a look at the current release schedule.

    To summarise:

    20/11/08 - Alpha 1

    18/12/08 - Alpha 2

    11/01/09 - Alpha 3

    05/02/09 - Alpha 4

    26/02/09 - Alpha 5

    12/03/09 - Alpha 6

    26/03/09 - Beta

    16/04/09 - Release Canditate

    23/04/09 - Final Release

  13. robert

    @But will wireless work out of the box?

    my experience of using a lappy with broadcom air-force-one card is:

    * pre-gutsy I couldn't get wireless to work, but with gutsy it was able to recognise that I needed a proprietry driver and helped me install it.

    * An upgrade to hardy broke it and plain ethernet too, so I reverted to gutsy.

    * Intrepid behaves like gutsy, so I've been using that.

    Hopefully Jaunty will continue to work, if not Intrepid is still nicer than windows.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Ubuntu vs windows

    I have been running intrepid ibix for many months on a relatively old although high spec pc. It outperfoms xp on the same rig by a long way, particularly stability. Had fun setting up the graphics and sound cards but once done its done. Setting up usb tv stick was also fun but the ubuntu forums seem to have (or provide) and answer to everything.

    Who needs to pay for a useless os now? Gamers. Try playing gta4 on vista and you will find out this is no longer an argument, may as well get a ps3. I will wait for games to become cross platform before I waste any more money on games that only play (and crash) on windows os.

  15. luke
    IT Angle

    "Evolution collaboration" - you sure about that?

    "Also improved is the ability to connect to, and move off, Microsoft's email and groupware. The Evolution collaboration suite supports Outlook .pst files, and Exchange's MAPI to improve work with Exchange servers."

    Are you sure about that????

    I don't see any mention of the openchange adapter in the release notes...this is the big one i am waiting for so i can finally use linux at work (and believe me i have tried every other method, but none suffice and it has be be mapi).

    I will d'load the ISo and check now because I am an impatient b'tard.

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