back to article Amazon to shutter distribution center trio

Amazon is shuttering three of its distribution centers. According to The Associated Press, the etailer/cloud-maker will close its centers in Munster, Indiana; Red Rock, Nevada; and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The Munster operation was opened as recently as 2007, but the company has since opened two other Indiana distribution …


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  1. Peter Thompson


    What's wrong with 'closing' ffs? 'Shuttering' is meaningless.

  2. Frank

    @Peter Thompson re. Suhttering??

    I think that 'shuttering' may be used to imply that this is a protective act to maintain the store for future re-opening. (Shutters being a protective mechanism obviously). Then again, you'd put shutters up anyway to protect the store to maintain value for asset/property sale or because it's a condition of your lease when you close down the store. Then again, some of the shops where I live shutter their buildings every night and then re-open as normal every morning. So, 'shuttering' is not meaningless, it's just of no help or use in this case.

    The use of weasel words, cotton-wool phrases and candy statements is widespread (see the quote from the Amazon spokesdroid). Only Cade can tell us if 'shuttering' was his choice of word or Amazon's choice.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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