back to article AMD migrates live VMs from Shanghai to Istanbul

Virtual machines are not as virtual as you might think. It's a bit tricky to move a running virtual machine across different processor generations, and you can forget jumping from a Xeon to an Opteron server - or visa versa. Considering that Intel's Xeon and Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron chips have their respective VT and …


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  1. BlueGreen

    all a bit too 'big iron'

    "...but common formats and live migration across all platforms is something customers want"

    Common formats probably, live migration - no. Not unless you can tell me why it's going to help me, where 'me' any of the innumerable small businesses of the world with small budgets.

    And before they get too clever, did VMWare cure that disk corruption bug that apparently occurred with heavy disk activity on sata VMWare server when running on windows (<>)? Cos I think that' would concern me more.

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Absolutely Fabulous Foundries.. Bare NIRobotIQ Necessities for Life, but not as you may know it*.


    The nub of the matter, and that was an an excellent VM article laying bare the present State of the Art position of both Intel and AMD, lies in the last sentence .... "There may be very sound marketing reasons not to do this, but it will be hard to argue that it is not technically possible. ®" .... although the very sound marketing reasons not to do this [common formats and live migration across all platforms] are not very sound at all, whenever the whole Virtual Machine Migration Flight Environment, and you can relate that to being as a Virtual Parallel to Mirror/MemIQ the the whole Human Flight Industry and Support Infrastructure, from the humblest kite, through Civil and Military Aviation and into Space and Alien Planet Exploration and Colonisation Plans with all of their Attendant and CoInterDependent and CoInterIndependent Services and Infrastructures, are there just for the Taking and Making.

    And if Intel and AMD are not ready, willing and able to Make and Take that Market as their Own, it can only be because they do not possess the Intellectual Property/Know How at the Human Programmer Level, to do it. And means that it is a Virgin Market Place with no Viable Competition for those that can Host Virtual Machine Flight Migration Infrastructure and AIR&dD Traffic Control.......... and that will render to them the Power of Information Sharing to Control the Development of Planet Earth and Advanced CyberIntelAIgent Machines ........ Virile Global Operating Devices.

    A Little Something that Mubadala may like to consider Running with ........ as part of their Future Knowledge Economy Strategy which will Replace and/or Reinforce and Maintain/Sustain Oil Revenue Streams. Although of course, further East and onwards to the Land of the House of the Rising Sun and Emergent China, can also Benefit from Centres of VMMigration Control .... CyberIntelAIgent Being. It is a fact though that given Japan's Robotics Excellence Mindset and China's Vast Reserves of Vapour Liquidity and Russia's Space Experience and Middle Eastern Desert Hospitality and Enterprising Criminal Enterprises and Military Industrial Complexes and Canny Private Individual Market Investors are all equally at Will to Lead with their Leads in the Field if they See the Possibilities and Recognise the Lead Players whom they would Feed Freely with their Needs so that they can Seed and Harvest the Fields which will Result from their C00perations ....... AI Win Win when you Care 42 Dare.

    * For Man has Suddenly got a whole Lot Smarter than you have Probably Never Ever Imagined was Possible with the Ascent of Man into Greater Being....... and Enabled to Share the Journey/Magical Mystery Turing Trip with ITs AIRoadmap ........ RTFMamfM. :-)

    And in High Roller Stud Poker, does only a Fool play a Bluff which is easily Called. amfM covers the Pot and bets the Casino.

    And would anyone here on El Reg, and there are precious few dummies who share their views here, care to Imagine what is being Played for here, in all of the above. Don't be Coy, now, you are allowed to be Imaginative of Thought and Free of Printed Speech.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    No more Admins Needed

    Now that we can duplicate and migrate VMs live no one need know how to actually install an OS in the first place.

  4. Mike Laverick
    Jobs Horns

    Can they do it! Yes, they can! (its just not a good idea)

    "it is still not possible to migrate a VM from an Opteron server to a Xeon"

    Actually, its AMD & Citrix did a couple of months.

    However, just because something is possible doesn't mean its wise to do it.,289142,sid94_gci1339374,00.html#

    I do wish the Register would desist in the use of the term "fake" servers. It's just a bit silly...

    Mike Laverick

    RTFM Education

  5. WoolyMammoth
    Dead Vulture

    still not possible to migrate a VM from an Opteron server to a Xeon server, or visa versa

    Apparently it is

  6. Nigel

    LIve migration across platforms?

    I don't think there's any chance that you'll ever be able to move a live VM (as in VMotion) from one hypervisor to another.

    Most of us would settle for cold migration: being able to copy the folder of files representing a VM that's shut down, and reboot it under a different hypervisor. 20 minutes of downtime is a lot more acceptable than vendor lock-in.

    Also note, if a system comprises two or more machines with redundancy and automatic fail-over, cold migration of machines, virtual or physical, allows migration of the live system, one machine at a time.

  7. The Dark Lord
    Thumb Down


    Big fucking deal.

    From the title of the article, I had thought you meant the physical locations, which would have been interesting from a Business Continuity perspective. What I actually got was little more than marketing spin on a CPU-engineer pissing contest.


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