back to article YouTube gets new mobile client

Video-sharing moneypit YouTube has launched a new mobile client, for S60 and Windows Mobile devices, providing mobile access to more than 30,000 videos of dancing cats. Most mobile access to YouTube has been through a limited interface which links to the on-device media player for playback. We've never had a lot of luck …


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  1. Chris Pinto

    It might just be me being retarded.. but...

    my HTC Touch Diamond had a YouTube client out of the box... Which also works umm.. pretty flawlessly.

  2. Jamie Kitson

    HTC's Offering

    It's not nearly as good as the HTC client that came with my HTC Touch HD, it's a real shame that they don't offer it for download.

  3. Carlos Garcia

    Dont work with pocket loox T830

    It refuses to download, and state that i have an incompatible device.

    Maybe because the square screen?

  4. Richard
    Thumb Up

    Time for a new phone


    Hi. Shame you don't own an iPhone 3G as the YouTube client on mine has worked faultlessly since I bought it.

    I realise it's not a vital App but I thought I should let you in case it influences any future purchasing decisions.


  5. Chris Campbell

    @Chris Pinto

    Same for me (with Touch HD), only feature that seems to be missing is the ability to paste youtube url links into it. So when someone provides a link to a video, it's a pain to find the thing.

  6. Tony Hoyle

    Why an app anyway?

    Even Android comes with a youtube app...

    But why? Just make the damned website work properly. Look at the BBC iplayer - works on anything.. no app needed.

  7. Chris
    Thumb Up

    Not bad

    I actually like it, its clean, simple, full screen, minimum clicks to get working. Works brilliantly on my Nokia e71.

  8. Chris

    Missing a bookmark thing

    A good clean, simple app, very few clicks to get something, all it lacks is say a bookmark of searches or favourite videos, or an option of downloading a video for playback off-line.

  9. Greg


    That took long enough...

  10. Steven Raith
    Thumb Down

    Nokia 6650d [flip]

    Works, but doesn't rotate the image to fit the screen, meaning that it chops half off it off.

    IE it's a half-arsed implementation.

    Hurrah! No dancing cats for me!

    Steven R

This topic is closed for new posts.

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