back to article Russian politician: 'My assistant started Estonian cyberwar'

A junior Russian politician has admitted that a Russian government official might have played some part in the infamous cyberattacks against Estonia two years ago - sort of. Comments by Sergei Markov, a State Duma deputy from the Putin's Unified Russia party, on a cybercrime panel may have been intended as a joke. Nonetheless …


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  1. Jimmy Floyd

    RSS feed

    On my Firefox RSS browser the title of this article came through as "Russian politician: 'My assistant started Estonia..." - which would have been impressive!

  2. Tom

    Get Real!

    This is Russia were talking about, where nothing big happens without the involvement of the KGB (or whatever the hell they call it now, same org, different name) and/or the mafia. So it's the claim that

    <I>it seems likely that "patriotic hackers", stirred up by Russia nationalist press, formed a cyber-militia</i> that needs to be taken with the pinch of salt.

  3. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Smart Moves...... in Sociable Circles

    ""Turns out it was purely a reaction from civil society and, incidentally, such things will happen more and more," he added."

    Sounds reasonable. Sort of like teaching an old dog,new tricks, to stop it getting old before its time. Very commendable. Bravo, Sergei. And surely then, real proaction rather than just virtual reaction too.

    I wonder at what Elevated Stage, the State of Quantum Communication is, in the former Communist/Socialist Bloc of Nations.

    "Estonian Defense Ministry officials, meanwhile, have reiterated their certainty that Russia was behind the cyberattack, but played down Markov's claims, saying the 2007 incident was a highly coordinated campaign that could not be the work of a single mischievous hacker." ....

    Which tells us everything we need to know about how much the Defense Ministry knows about cyberattacks? They are not alone though, for the thinking afflicts probably all Defense Ministries, although that will be cold comfort to them.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    'neutral' Finnish Journalist Sami Lotila wrote about Estonia

    in the Õhtuleht newspaper in November (article deleted!)

    that "The Estonian society is like a hyena which mercilessly gnaws the weak and throws them to die in the prairies. The moral values of the average Estonian seems to be taken from 'category C' western films "

    Lotila advised all Estonians to leave Estonia. Immediately!

    "Return over the next 20-30 years and bring back a worthy way of life and a higher morality. Perhaps before that the European Union will finally adopt a unified social policy contrary to that of the Estonian politicians, and the EU will become a life-buoy for the weak in Estonia"

    although his rant is gone, the surrounding debate can be picked up at places like

    Now I like Estonia & I was there when the article was written.

    As for the Russian cyberattack, this e-Jihad dDoS group pre-dates the famous Estonia attack by around 8 months:

    caution;- as the web archive has even preserved the link to the attack malware payload!! ;- some use of online translations may be needed

  5. EJ
    Thumb Up

    If anyone needed proof Russia condones all the bot herding...

    Here it is.

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