back to article IBM boasts of full 8Gb Fibre Channel for blades

IBM is making the rounds this week talking up a new 8 Gb Fibre Channel daughter cards for its BladeCenter blade servers, saying that it is the only blade maker that can deliver 8 Gb performance all the way out to the storage area network. The company this week will begin reselling a new 8 GB/sec Fibre Channel daughter card for …


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  1. Philip Buckley-Mellor

    HP have a c-class 8Gbps mezz in final testing now

    So given this is just a minor rework of an existing third-party chip it's no big deal now is it?

  2. mike roberts

    High Speed IO


    This story focused on IBM how they compete vs. HP, but missed some key things by not including Dell in the mix.

    1) Dell was the first blade product to market with end to end FC8 solution. We began shipping FC8 HBAs from BOTH Emulex and Qlogic and an FC8 switch from Brocade in early December 08. Thus we were not only first to market with end to end FC8 vs. HP/IBM, but we also delivered a much broader FC8 portfolio to market in partnership with the leading vendors in this space (IBM has no Emulex option for FC8 HBA and no Brocade FC8 switch option).

    2) I think it is also important to point out that Dell will be delivering 40Gbps Quad Data Rate (QDR) Infiniband at the end of March 09. QDR Infiniband provides the strongest proof point to date on the bandwidth capability of the Dell M1000e enclosure.

    3) Dell also offers a 10Gb Ethernet mezzanine card and a full 10GbE switch option. The PowerConnect M8024 switch is the only modular all 10Gb Ethernet switch on the market, offering the capability to mix and match different uplink options (SFP+, CX4, &/or 10GbaseT).

This topic is closed for new posts.

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