back to article Obama taps net neut for FCC post

As expected, President Barack Obama named former Harvard law classmate Julius Genachowski as the next chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission. And the net neuts are chuffed. Genachowski was Obama's chief technology adviser during his election campaign, and he helped pen the Barack Obama Technology and Innovation …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    This guy sounds too good to be true. He must have some faults.

    Why on earth don't the UK's OfCom recruit candidates who will have the public's interest (rather than the supplier's) at heart ?

  2. JC
    Black Helicopters

    @ Faults

    That's what any good political figure will do, play the angel until in a position where they can do real damage.

  3. Tom


    Buying his way into office isn't fault enough? I suppose he needs to be a tax cheat too like the rest of The Messiah's appointments. But then you probably haven't noticed those "faults" either.

    Neither the net neuts nor the QOSers are correct in the current fight. The appropriate response to both sides is that the terms of the agreement from the service provider must be clear, and not changed without the consent of the purchaser. The the people who are net neutral can buy from net neutral providers, and the people who want QOS can buy from the QOS providers. The only requirement on the QOS providers should be that the service can only be degraded on the basis of clearly spelled out terms, not broken.

    My issue with Comcast wasn't that they were traffic shaping. It was that they lied and said they weren't traffic shaping. And once they got caught with their shorts down, they lied about what and how they were traffic shaping. If they would have been upfront about, no problem.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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