back to article Hacking contest offers $10,000 for iPhone exploit

An annual hacker competition planned for next month has setting its sights on Apple's iPhone and four other smart phones in a contest that will pay cash prizes of $10,000 to anyone who can break in to the mobile devices. The contest will present contestants with phones running the Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile operating …


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  1. Danny

    wot no linux?

    I take it they learned their lesson from last year and neatly avoided the operating system that cannot be hacked. Cowards.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Let me be the first to guess how it will be done!

    They jailbreak the iPhone and load up a compiled version of flash from an old code base. Or better yet, try and get excel compiled and running on the device or load up lots of network daemon services after installing a shell interface!

    Nah... who am I kidding, they'll probably just send it an SMS or lick the glass screen or something rather simple.

  3. Scott Mckenzie


    Gonna be tricky to jailbreak an iPhone without physical access to it... but why should facts get in the way of your 'witty' comment eh?

  4. Mr C
    Paris Hilton

    smart hackers stay away anyway

    There are 2 types of hackers, the good ones and the wannabe's.

    Good hackers are those who are not bragging and surely not giving away their secrets.

    Its those who can get in, pwn the system as if it was their own, leave without a trace, and most importantly, are not bragging or telling anyone about it.

    They are most valuable int his contest but wont show up.

    And rest assured that they are the ones with the best chances at winning if they wanted to.

    Paris because she too will stay away from this contest

This topic is closed for new posts.

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