back to article Intel to put internet in your pants

Intel and LG Electronics have joined forces to release a "next-generation" mobile internet device (MID) based on Intel's upcoming Moorestown hardware platform and running Moblin 2.0. In a joint statement released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Intel senior vice president Anand Chandrasekher said that the co- …


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  1. Magani
    Paris Hilton

    Is that a Moorestown in your pocket,

    or are you just pleased to see me?

    From the Fine Article:-

    "Kedia said that it will put "the mind of a PC in your pocket," providing voice, chat, and data communications, plus internet browsing, navigation, video, games, and more."


    "When you don't have time to sit down, and maybe a clamshell device is too big for you, you want a smaller device that fits in your pocket."

    So if a clamshell is too big, we're back to QVGA on a 2.x" screen that makes inetrnet browsing (see above) all but bl**dy impossible.

    It's not the size of the kit, it's the fact that the average human anatomy can no longer cope (fingers, eyes, etc). We need a new UI, people!

    "the mind of a PC in your pocket," Ah, just what most of the planet's female population wants - a guy with more than just a single thought playing in his pocket.

    Paris? Who else?

  2. Pete "oranges" B.
    Thumb Down

    Same old story...

    "will deliver the best internet experience while dramatically reducing power - contributing to the development of ultra sleek devices that offer superb battery life."

    But what about those of us who want larger devices with beyond "superb" battery life? I have never understood the practice of making already small devices slightly smaller when they could be made at the same size with practical increases in battery life.

  3. John PM Chappell

    Umm... didn't we already try this?

    I mean, it's potentially impressive, what with transistor counts always climbing and better power management but a small screen and impossible to use input devices are why we don't rely on very small devices for more than a diversion or a very rudimentary piece of work.

    My Pocket PC can do quite a lot but most of the time it just runs TomTom or a scientific calculator - I have a laptop for real 'mobile' work and a fully kitted out tower for a 'workstation' when I don't need to carry the work around. If someone needs to do serious work, they have the time to sit down and at least use a laptop, the idea that we're all going to be 'doing work' on the bus or something is just plain stupid.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    the Millivolt is not a unit of power

  5. Mr Grumblefish


    this isn't a story about a device with an IR sensor to monitor the contents of your pants in order to make it easier to download the best pron.


  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Via did this ages ago

    with Mobile ITX, which IIRC is being released this year. Credit card sized, 5mm thick, x86 compatible and even has 2x usb ports.

    Sounds awesome until they start trying to squeeze a minimum-of-800px-wide screen onto such a tiny device. We'll end up needing a Monocle display before long if you want to actually read anything. On the upside, it means that you'll be able to easily bring software and a load of different platforms to embedded systems (and robots

    It also means that your average VB-code-monkey will be able to create their own discrete wearable kit, computer-controlled-kitchen stuff, etc.. And the community that starts developing this sort of thing and pushes it will be back at 70s PC level- just starting out, tinkering.

    So looking forwards there's a lot of scope for a truely personal computer in these tiny devices.

  7. druck Silver badge


    The OQO 2+ still makes a sound like an angry power drill, and gets too hot to hold after a few minutes, and the PDA form factor is a terrible way to try to use a full desktop OS. Even the old 7" EEE PC is a vast improvement, quiet, not too hot to hold but also stands up on its own, a usable keyboard, the same resolution screen but not so small it makes your eyes bleed, and importantly a full THIRTEEN HUNDRED QUID LESS.

  8. Christian Berger Silver badge

    Main problem

    Will it be a gadget running Windows, or will it be a full fledged Linux computer? How well will one be able to use a console on such a device?

  9. Jase


    "Intel and LG Electronicshave joined forces to release a "next-generation" mobile internet device"

    Did anyone else read that and wonder if the article was going to be about an internet enabled electric razor? LG, first the internet fridge, now the Electronicshave....

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