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Last year, Nokia introduced the E71, a do-it-all smartphone clearly modelled on recent examples of the Qwerty-keyboard toting BlackBerry. Unlike many other would-be BlackBerrys, it proved to be a worthy rival, with a solidly functional keyboard, fault-free push email, 3.2Mp camera, A-GPS, HSDPA 3G and Wi-Fi, all in a slimline …


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  1. Danny Silver badge

    so where is this pitched at?

    No HSDPA is foolish for a business phone - wifi or not.

  2. ChrB


    I still prefer the Communicator. GPS onboard, large screen, qwerty inside, memory expandable, wifi and all that. No push-mail but hey, who needs that really? (besides the bank monkeys who f***ed everything up)

  3. Mighty Dosser

    Those moaning about the spec

    Have you seen the price?

    Who cares if it doesn't do everything that YOU want from a phone?

    This phone can be had for 185 spondoolies (that includes VAT and delivery). You can't whack that with a big stick.

    As for the comment that it's foolish to put out a business phone without HSPDA (remember it's still got basic 3G connectivity)- yer spot on there mate 'cos those guys at RIM never sold a thing until they added 3G to their products. Aye. right.

  4. MrTivo
    Thumb Down

    surely more of a cost reduced E61i

    The E63 looks more like a funky version of an E61i, with a couple of ideas borrowed from the newer Nokia line ups, i.e. the dual home / work screen, rather than a single homescreen.

    Given the price that the E61i was closed out at, just over 200UKP, it doesn't look that much of a bargin.

    Shame 'cos I really wanted to replace mine with something better.

  5. Monkey

    I have to agree with Mighty Dosser

    RIM have right fked it up with the whole 3g malarky. So much so I'm trying to negotiate a return of my Bold for the new updated Curve WITHOUT 3g. Yes Nokia have probably the most experience of putting 3g in phones, but it's not the dog's bollocks selling point any longer. The continuous availability of full on 3g is so patchy you can bet Nokia et al have had a right good look at this and came to the conclusion the gains of adding 3g to a device is largely negated for all but the heaviest data users. So bang out a cheaper device using older, cheaper technology, deliver a solid stable product, and make a tidy profit. You know what? I'll take this Nokia any day now after the screw up of the Bold and my previous 3g enabled device.

  6. Mage Silver badge

    3G / HSDPA

    It does do 3G, just not HSDPA. That's 350kbps.

    HSDPA can be 5Mbps. It can also be 50kbs. The HSDPA omission is only a issue using it as laptop modem in a good signal area.

    If you REALLY want Mobile Internet for the laptop a dedicated modem is better anyway, so you still have a phone while online.

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