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As part of its Dynamic Infrastructure announcement IBM has announced a deduplication appliance, encrypting high-end DS8000 arrays and low-end XIV storage products. The TS7650 ProtecTIER Deduplication Appliance (PDA?) is, of course, based on last year's Diligent acquisition. It offers fast sub-file level deduplication and there …


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  1. Jan

    Full drive encryption... why?

    Why encrypt a DS8100T? I mean, this is an array so big and expensive no one unauthorized should be able to get close in first place. And its not exactly like nicking a drive (or rather - eight drives) is gonna be helpful.

    Just wondering.

  2. Simon Casey
    Thumb Up

    Tis the season to de-dupe

    36TB? Where does that figure derive from?

    A full 5-bay DS8300 will support far more than 36TB at Raid-5 or Raid-6 Then again you have to weigh up capacity/storage and also looking at this box you have to have better performing spindles for the meta data for the Diligent box. And then bigger spindles / FC-SATA are not much good with any box if you need a good thruput.

    Still it's got an impressive in-line thruput going by the whitepapers of it's theoretical maximum. I think most people will be waiting for a few more key features.

    The XIV kit is very interesting and the file system looks great, shame the boxes just don't scale and the raid rebuild times could be better.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Let's see

    1. IBM late to market with DDD products (Comvault's launched dedup, Symantec has PureDisk, Quantum and EMC are there with their products, Avamar does it at source, Data Domain in market for years), although HP is also late to market.

    2. IBM a year late with SSDs in the DS8000 series. Can the system cope with their throughput? Uncertain, but I'll take a wait and see attitude here. I've never seen a non-IBM shop with a DS8000 and I don't expect this to change.

    3. XIV snooze platform - a solution in search of a problem. At least now you don't have to have the Ford model T, aka "you can have any capacity you want as long as it's 80TB"

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