back to article T-Mobile to release more G phones this year

Rumours of a successor to the G1 Android-based phone have been doing the rounds for months. But now a T-Mobile executive’s let slip that it will launch more G-series handsets. During an interview with website Fierce Wireless, Neville Ray - senior VP of engineering and operations at T-Mobile USA – said: “We will be launching …


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  1. Gary
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    It's a fake

    Wasn't that video already confirmed as a fake? Just a quick look at the device, you can see it's less advanced than the current G1...

  2. Pete


    That thing was confirmed as a chinese rip off by a company called sciphone, and it's even running a rip off of android cos they couldn't be bothered to licence it...

    If you really wanna know what it looks like, check Engadget for the pics of the real one, which is the white one that one user described as looking 'like a bar of soap'. All I can say is that the general consensus here in the office is that it looks a lot better than the G1, and most of the guys I have shown it to (i could tell you how i got it, but then i'd have to kill you!) like it better than the G1. But then it is all down to personal preference, cos it's basically a slimmed down G1 with an on screen keyboard.

    I can see a lot more people buying this one than the G1 though...

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