back to article Swiss EV coupé gets Berlin runabout

We reported on the unveiling of the Swiss Mindset leccy coupé back in December 2008. The world of new electric car announcements being what it is, we perhaps wouldn't have been massively surprised if we had never heard another peep out of the company again. But it's nice to be proved wrong, and even nicer to see that the …


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  1. Pete James

    Well, it's consistent

    Design-wise it's pathetic.

    Engineering-wise it's a botch job.

    Styling-wise it's horrific.

    This brings absolutely nothing new to the party.

  2. Code Monkey

    Nice idea but...

    ...why does it look so goofy?

  3. Scott
    Thumb Down


    ...have the made it look not only horrible, but stupid as well?

    Hardly anyone's going to buy a car that looks like that. Why not stick with the successful, tried and tested car-shaped car?

  4. Norfolk Enchants Paris

    And yet

    I read today that the Bolivian el-presidente is endeavouring to ensure that the world's supply of Lithium is 'controlled' like OPEc manages the oil price. So producing Li-Ion based cars may well become rather costly.

    Shame really.

    Never mind, I shall have to put up with my Italian V6 for a while longer :-)

  5. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    So French!

    From the challenging looks, I'm guessing the French coach builder Heuliez got stuck with all the ex-Citroen designers that got the boot when PSA got access to the Nissan design team. Seeing as it still seems to offer just two seats and a lot of ugliness, how do they think it is going to compete against cars like the Tesla?

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    Well, that's me off my lunch now. That is one of the worst looking cars ever. As well as being yet another EV with a pointless solar cell on the roof.

  7. Bad Beaver
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    beyond ugly. I'm sure it looks killer from... a bird's view?

  8. Nev Silver badge

    Range Extender

    "Interestingly, the options list also includes a “range extender” which we take to mean to larger battery pack. "

    ... or a very long extension cord.

  9. yonorri

    @Solar panel still good on a snowy day?

    As far as I can see this vehicle has no need of a solar panel, from this picture the mains lead can be clearly seen...

  10. Richard Porter
    IT Angle

    Is that a mains lead...

    or just a crack in the road?

  11. Elmer Phud Silver badge

    Very eco friendly

    That must be one of the ugliest cars I've ever seen - especially the outsized pram wheels

    Very eco-friendly, so ugly it won't sell many

  12. bandor

    range extender

    this often refers to a small gasoline (petrol) generator which can charge the batteries.

  13. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    I've already said how ugly this car is

    in a comment on the previous article,


    this car is ugly!

    I look forward to the Register chronicling it's progress since I really think I'll need to say it again sometime soon.

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