back to article Toyota demos FT electric city car

Toyota today unveiled its FT-EV electric car at the Detroit Motor Show. Though only a concept, something not too dissimilar to it should go into full production in 2012. Toyota FT-EV Toyota's FT: the commuter's car The FT is based on Toyota's new iQ mini-car. Unfortunately, that was just about the only technical fact that …


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  1. Martin Lyne


    Blinding when bright

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Electric? Hybrid?

    Every fule no the future is hydrogen:

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Toyota did say, however, that the car is aimed at users travelling up to 50 miles a day between home, work and public transport. So there's its range, then."

    Not necessarilly it's full range. Unlike other EVs Toyota may be realists.

    They may be sensible enough to accept that a theoretical maximun (like the Tesla's 227 miles) is not necessarilly something you should expect on every run. I know that my car's theoritcal maximum on a tank of juice is about 480 miles, but I seldom take the risk of exceeding 350.

    They may also be sensible enough to realise that we all exceed our normal daily mileage occasionally. A detour via the supermarket or pub perhaps. Maybe you need to go to a meeting across town.

    What good would a car be that would run out of juice on a good say just as you get home from work? So lets at 25% for occasional extras and 25% for safety. So lets call it 80 miles.

    Of course it still raises the environmental issue of multiple cars. A car for work and a car for longer journeys seems to be the mantra of the EV crowd. But how many miles in your big car would you have to do before you did the same envuronmental damage as manufacturing your eco friendly city car? And if we believe the eco crowds insistence that traditionally generated electricity generates 0.86Kg per KWh what is real the difference in emissions between your family car and your work car?

    Not that I'm down on EVs at all, I just think some questions need some good solid answers before we all rush headlong into the technology.

  4. Tom
    Thumb Up


    I'd have one... if they arent going to charge the earth for it.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Wot no Techno Leaf?

    It'll never sell... its got a steering wheel... how dated, and utterly bizare...

  6. Iain
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    Thumbs up

    That be a good looking small car. I suspect it will be more popular with the female market though. Words like 'cuddly', 'cute' and 'rabbit' spring to mind. Slight concern there might be a Hot Pink! edition.

  7. druck Silver badge
    IT Angle


    Is there really any point to this endless series of articles on dismal battery powered shitboxes? We can only find so many different ways of taking this piss out of them in the comment sections.

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