back to article Wi-Fi comes to school buses

A bus ride to school has suddenly become a much more hi-tech affair for some lucky Birmingham pupils. A local bus firm’s just rolled out double-decker Wi-Fi, and has also launched an RFID ticket trial. The Big Green Bus Company, which runs school bus services, now offers free Wi-Fi access on all its 23 routes in Birmingham, …


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  1. Richard

    Nice idea .. wish they had it when I were a lad

    The "Red Arrow" bus service which runs between Chesterfield and Derby/Nottingham recently added a free Internet wifi service to its fleet ... and I sometimes glimpse it on my wifi radar as it "speeds" past in the traffic 8-)

  2. KenBW2


    School pupils aren't allowed phones, games consoles, laptops etc at school...

  3. Tim Bates

    Way ahead of them at Monash

    They've been doing this since October on Monash Uni shuttle buses in Australia.

    I guess that means Australia isn't as far behind the rest of the world as we think :P

  4. Peter Holgate
    Paris Hilton


    for KenBW2

    You're an idiot - just because they aren't allowed, do you think that stops them -- if you do you're as naive as the rest of the government education organisation.

    And you're dumber than Paris

  5. David Hicklin

    Re: Erm

    They are allowed phones at my daughters school - just don't use them [= switch off] during lessons or else they will be taken & held until the end of the day.

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