back to article EU raids smart card chipmakers

At least four makers of microchips have confirmed they were raided by European Commission investigators seeking information of collusion in the market for chips used in smart cards. STMicroelectronics, Infineon Technologies, NXP, and Renesas Technology each said they received surprise visits from investigators in late October …


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  1. David

    They can afford the fine !

    It seems to me that any company which is able to pay these multi-million dollar fines, has been overcharging for its goods and services. A decent company provides excellent products/services to its customers, pays its suppliers on time, pays its employees decent levels of wages/salaries and makes a decent profit for its shareholders. I see every good reason for wanting good companies to make sensible profits, it is in everyones best interests. But, you might ask, what about the management of the ones who make obscene levels of profit, well, I think they are a bit like the Christmas tree lights I found in the loft --- most of them don't work, they are almost impossible to fix and they would look much better hanging from trees !!

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