back to article CastleCops shuts up shop

CastleCops, the volunteer security community, has called it a day. For six years CastleCops campaigned against internet fraud by running malware and phishing scam investigations and take-downs. CastleCops also ran volunteer training programs, as well as maintaining other services including computer virus clean-up assistance to …


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  1. Seán


    "Let us feel blessed for the impact we made and the relationships created."

    If the morons believe in magic voodoo friends, blessings and lucky charms then it's no real surprise that noone would go anywhere near them.

  2. Colin Wilson

    A sad loss

    This is a sad loss to the Windows community, as it was often *the* best place to look for solutions to specific malware problems.

    If there's any way of keeping the forums available, even as view-only, it would be a great help :-}

    It's a crying shame that Microsoft couldn't admit the failings in the security of their products and fund the website themselves - volunteers are free, hosting etc. isn't.

  3. Mart

    a title is required

    finally the credit crunch / recession / [insert money losing buzzword here] has affected something I actually care about

  4. Mike

    @A sad loss

    >volunteers are free, hosting etc. isn't.

    There's loads of free hosting (including forums)! and you can have some serious bandwidth available for hardly any cash, CastleCops is dead because Paul left, volunteers are free but quality, dedicated volunteers can be thin on the ground.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Don't you mean not

    "Donations to the service made by cheque can't easily be refunded and will be passed onto the Internet Storm Centre" - Don't you mean not

  6. Keith T

    IT Industry Should Donate an Executive to run CastleCops

    This is very sad. This isn't because of the economy failing. This is because CastleCops doesn't have the means to find an chief organizer.

    Could not some large computer or software company / consortium donate an executive to organize and administer CastleCops?

    This would reduce costs to all IT industries by helping combat the malware that drives up development, maintenance and support costs of software makers.

    (@AC: ISC is run by SANS.)

  7. Norbie
    Dead Vulture

    Sad to see it go

    As an ex-helper on Castle Cops, it is sad to see it go. I worked with some good people on there, and we were able to provide a great deal of help to people, for free.

    For those people who are looking for an alternative, there is a big list of "approved" alternative websites here -

  8. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

    Very sad.

    But Microsoft couldn't fund that sort of thing. It would be tantamount to admitting their box of crabs was worthless without all the freebie support it was getting from them.

    I remember a remark by the owner of Pepisoft in his plea for funding, that Misery scoff donated an whole OS copy to them once.

    Fecking generous ? wat's the word?

  9. Colin Wilson

    Thanks for the link Norbie

    Bookmarked and stumbled :-)

  10. yahar
    Go - Security CENTRAL Forum

    Very sad news about CC, but We have one also excellent help at: - Security CENTRAL Forum

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