back to article Sony Ericsson to make Android phone

Sony Ericsson’s recent membership to the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) has finally prompted it to come clean over rumours that it’s planning to launch a handset based on Google’s Android platform. Rikko Sakaguchi, Corporate VP at Sony Ericsson, said it’s the company’s aim to “develop a handset based on the Android platform”, …


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  1. Richard Howell

    Does a turkey vote for Christmas?

    If handset manufacturers all adopt the same OS, are they in danger of suffering the same fate as many PC makers?

  2. Cameron Colley

    RE: Does a turkey vote for Christmas?

    But you are making the mistake of thinking that people buy phones mainly for the operating system and/or features -- many buy phones because they "look cool" or fit into their pockets better or, in my case, have a decent screen and qwerty keyboard.

    Or, to put it another way, since all Windows Mobile devices are the same platform -- why would I prefer my old HTC Universal to my new Athena?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    a strong supporter of open operating systems?

    But not a strong supporter of open memory cards.

  4. Patrick O'Reilly
    Paris Hilton


    Well they have to replace the touch screen OS for high end phones.

    So they fired the UIQ staff and went for Freeware

    Paris because she's all about the high end.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Android Killers?

    Given the awful quality of Sony Ericsson's development of Symbian this could be just the thing that confirms Android's reputation of a quality OS on an awful phone. Apple must be overjoyed.

    On another note, does anyone produce a 3G phone that does nothing except make calls and act as a modem...I'd buy it!

    Mine's the one with a T39 in the pocket.

  6. Nick

    SE or HTC?

    On the basis that HTC seem to be making loads of OEM kit, including the SE x1, and they make the current Android Phone - I wonder if they'll be building the Sony branded version as well.

    Doesn't really matter anyway, I'm procuring a Diamond HD in the sales anyway.

  7. Rich

    open memory cards

    "a strong supporter of open operating systems?

    Anonymous Coward • Wednesday 10th December 2008 17:04 GMT

    But not a strong supporter of open memory cards."

    Perhaps not the strongest, but the k850i took both M2 and microSD, and not the X1 takes microSD too.

  8. Brangdon

    My current ideal phone

    An SE Xperian X1 running Android would be close to my ideal phone at the moment. I like the 800x480 screen, the querty keyboard and the relatively small size, plus GPS etc, but I'm reluctant to buy it with Windows Mobile. Hopefully the hardware will have come on a bit more by next summer, too.

  9. Steve
    Paris Hilton

    Brand loyalty

    My first phone was a Nokia, so was my second, these were the days of green backlights.

    I switched from there to the SE T610 and never looked back, since then I've used the K700, K800 and now the G900 which has both touchscreen and keypad, perfect for not looking like a smart phone when texting on Dalston High Street late at night.

    HTC is the choice of my workplace, they weigh a ton, they have a brick like feel in the hand, the battery life can't really be called a life, they crash (Phones should not crash), and you look like a knob using one in the street, you know like the blackberry/pull-trolley people.

    I think it's a great move to use Android as it promises to be a popular platform, and as we all know it's the popular platforms that get applications. It is however a bad move to have HTC build it, SE are great at designing phones that feel nice to hold, HTC are not.

    Paris... Talking of nice to hold...

  10. Bill

    Only techies will care...

    about this. Everyone else just wants to get on with it. And, besides, Symbian and Win Mobile have such a hold on the market already that I don't think Android really stands much chance. Hey, I could be wrong though.

    Paris, because she just doesn't give a damn. Baby!

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