back to article AMD rolls out first Phenom IIs

AMD doesn't appear to have said as much itself, but one report claims the chip maker has today formally announced its Phenom II processor. The claim comes from US site EE Times. Since North American journalists are only now climbing out of bed, we imagine the story comes from a pre-briefing given to the title and presumably …


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  1. Jonathan


    I have trouble believing that they would make the DDR2 version on a 65nm process - there would seem to be no point at all. Surely this is confusion on the part of

  2. Rob Beard

    At last!

    At last, something that'll fit in my motherboard to replace my original Phenom X4 9600 (yes, one of the buggy ones).

    Looks like I'll have to add it to my xmas list.


  3. The Sceptic

    Does it have a decent fan\heatsink?

    Wonder if this one keeps cool under stress?

    My 2.4 9750 works great but can't sustain the high utilisation as the core temp creeps up.

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