back to article Cryptic formula hints at Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360

Konami has offered a glimmer of hope to Xbox 360 gamers who’ve cried into their pillows because Metal Gear Solid 4 is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. What are we talking about? The game’s publisher has created an MGS website which suggests that the title will be launched on the Microsoft console. MGS4_Xbox360_teaser Crack the …


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  1. Highlander

    Reaching....James, Reaching

    The most one can conclude from this is that a Metal Gear Solid title of some kind *may* or may not, be coming to the 360. MGS4 is **highly** unlikely to be that title. But does that mean that Konami wouldn't want to bring the Metal Gear Solid online game to 360?

  2. Philip Mansfield

    More likely an iphone game.

    This is the universal graphic and colour for power - even on my LG monitor. I think it is hinting at (i = iphone) + (! = MGS) = (power symbol = It's on!.)

  3. Dan_Hibiki

    I think I have it


    I'm serious.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360

    Jesus Christ...I hope for other Xbox users it doesn't come out.

    'Cause quite frankly this is the worst MGS ever. You don't so much as play the watch it.

    Konami clearly got carried away...and lost sight of...good game action.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    You wish.

    The best gaming title this generation, and it's not on Xbox360, and unlikely to be. This is just me desperate wishful thinking. This is something to do with iPhone (already confirmed), and nothing to do with MGS4.

    Seeing as it comes on a BD50 for the PS3, this would be on at least 7 DVD's for the 360, unless they cut the game back or compressed the textures, and removed the multi-track audio.

    "'Cause quite frankly this is the worst MGS ever."

    Funny, nobody else thinks that, the Metacritic score is higher than any 360 exclusive..

  6. Iain

    Look to the Apple

    iPhone + MGS AC!D = Go

    Is just a teensy bit more plausible. The 360's DVD format plain doesn't have room for the 4 hours of pre-rendered HD video in MGS4. Since I don't have time for 4 hours of pre-rendered video either, I can't say I'm bothered, but someone obviously is.

  7. William Andrews

    PS3 power sign

    That also looks like a PS3 power sign, without the "off" portion...

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns


    All the idiots who can't get this, telling themselves it's just a rendered video game. The rendered scenes are integral to the story. Don't tell me you never go to the cinema, well blend that experience with gaming, and that is what MGS4 is about.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Xbox loses again.

    That is clearly a PS3 power button, as show in the regs own pictures.

    Keep on dreaming Xbots.

  10. ALex Walters

    Lets do the maths!

    If you open up character map in XP, click '!', then in the bottom half of the screen it shows the key code as '0x21'.

    If you then find '¡' the character code it shows the ansi code 0xA1 and the alt-XXXX code as 161. Add these together:

    0x21 + 0xA1 + 161

    and you get 355.

    Sorry guys, I never was quite as good as Carol Vordaman :(

  11. Iain

    @LOL AC

    No need to resort to assertions that I'm an idiot who doesn't 'get it'. I just don't like epic nonsense in my videogames, whether that be cutscenes that go on for over an hour in MGS (or over 30 seconds in anything else), level grinding in RPGs or whatever. You're quite welcome to enjoy that sort of thing, but I play games to complete skill-based challenges with a joypad, not watch bits of films in-between levels.

    I absolutely 'get' that plenty of other people do like games for their story as much, if not more than, ludic elements. I'm not those other people.

  12. Chris


    Skip the cutscenes. If you don't want to watch the story, then don't.

    The game itself in between is truly brilliant, and still very very long.

    "The 360's DVD format plain doesn't have room for the 4 hours of pre-rendered HD video in MGS4."

    Actually, I imagine a relativley small amount of the 50GB actually goes towards the cutscenes, as the majority of them (by length) are done with the game engine. Most of the 50GB probably goes towards the fact there's loads of huge, varied levels - a lot more than you get in any other game I could think of.

    If you play through this whole game, you'll quickly see that the large file size is a LOT more than just videos.

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