back to article New York serves AMD free Foundry lunch

As state and local governments across the U.S. starve for revenue during the ongoing financial meltdown, AMD and its Abu Dhabi-based partner, Advanced Technology Investment Co., were yesterday unanimously voted $1.2bn in tax and cash incentives from New York's Empire State Development Corp., according to a report published in …


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  1. yorkmapper

    chip fab farce

    thanks for keeping on top of this ripoff. i live in malta and see the giveaway and waste every day.

  2. Doug Lynn

    Not a bribe, NY state will profit in the long run in increased taxes.

    Not a bribe, incentives are normal part of incentive to bring business to town, they will get more in taxes. Bribes are illegal, incentives are not...

  3. Eduard Coli

    Pot off or pee

    This was promised nigh on 5 years ago.

    Perhaps waiting for the kickback checks to clear?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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