back to article HP, IBM - Stuck in the 'midrange' with you

It is a story we hear again and again from the IT vendors: They are going to double down and make aggressive moves into the small and medium business space because the growth rates for IT spending are higher than they are among larger enterprises - at least when those businesses are all lumped together. To many of us, who …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Quite clearly for these gentleman "innovate" == "shop". "Pressure to innovate" my a**e... More likely pressure "to demonstrate that you have touched the latest gadget" so you can put it on the CV for the next job in the next SMB after yours has succumbed to the recession.

  2. Fozzy

    Title required apparently

    Wow before reading this article I was completely ignorant about this section of the market. I must say, after reading it, I still am. The only point I did glean from this is that HP, IBM or any of the other vendors are willing to sell you anything that is within your price range, or with a bit of luck, marketing bullshit or a few lunches to go over it

This topic is closed for new posts.

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