back to article Clamshell 'iPhone' appears online

The world’s first clamshell iPhone has been discovered online and it’ll be available to buy later this month. clamshell_iphone_01 The iPhone V126: made by Apple. Honest... Ok, so it’s not exactly legit, but it looks the business. The phone’s called the iPhone V126 and has surfaced on a Chinese website. Sporting a cute …


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  1. Robajob

    Not that I'm a pedant or anything, but...

    ...there are six LEDs in that Apple logo.

  2. Darren Coleman
    Jobs Horns

    3mp camera

    As God awful a ripoff as these things are - did anyone else stifle a giggle at how they come with a better camera (3mp) than the actual iPhone (2mp) ?

  3. Gary

    More Power!

    Key advantage of this iPhonie is you can replace the battery without risking your warranty.

  4. Kifoth
    Jobs Halo


    Apple logo. Must buy!


  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Am I?

    The only one who finds amusement in the fact that the knockoff has a better camera?

  6. Dabooka Silver badge

    Does that say Quickshot under the screen?!

    If so, where's the nine pin connector, and where did I put my old Zipstick?!

  7. Law

    oh dear...

    It looks like somebody has eaten a Motorola Razr and an iPhone, and shat out this piece of shite!!

    Jobs will be horrified!! lol

    *cue deathmarch tune as Jobs walks down hallway to the lawyers room*

    Flame - because it's going to be a fire risk...

  8. paul
    Jobs Horns


    Something the jesus phone doesn't do very well if at all. My jailbroken iPhone is waiting for the clever people to figure out how to make bluetooth file transfers possible.

    Apart from mobile safari, the iPhone has nothing much going for it these days.

  9. John Dougald McCallum
    Jobs Horns

    Hello fanbois

    This looks more like the phone that apple should have released than the POS that they did sorry Expensive POS (my bad)HAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHA

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    What's the difference?

    Overpriced crap bought by fanboys for the brand, compared to (probably still overpriced) crap bought by (poor) fanboys for the (fake) brand.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    It has better specs than the real iphone

    3MP camera vs 2MP and video recording vs none.

  12. Andy Watt
    Thumb Up

    it's panasonic!!!!

    OMG, I think that's got Panasonic VS6 or maybe VS70 (but that's got 3G) guts. the camera's got a bit more whack, but the clamshell display, the keyboard arrangement and the main display look like total ringers to me.

    the platform was from Infineon, BTW. and it's not bad.l

  13. David Paul Morgan

    RegHardware should review...

    ... more of these Chinese phones.

    Do a quick search for MP4 or dual-sim on eBay and there are piles of what look like very interesting models from totally unknown (to us!) manufacturers.

    I'd love to know what they're like, as they don't stock them in the V***fone store, nor C**phone W***house.

    As an aside, Douglas Adams used to joke about the High Street being taken over shoe-stores, but in my local shopping street, if you position yourself correctly, I reckon you could hit 7 mobile phone stores with a well-aimed handset!

  14. Vincent
    Jobs Horns

    Oh dear

    Cue lawsuit in 3, 2, 1...

  15. John

    3mp camera is better?

    Ummm, since when did more megapixels mean better quality?

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