back to article Queen’s Uni nets £25m funds for cybersecurity research

Queen’s University Belfast has become the envy of cash-starved UK start-ups, to say nothing of specialist e-crime policemen and rival unis, after securing £25m in funding to help it become the UK's leading centre in developing technology to thwart internet attacks. The new Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) will …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well you have let the cat out the bag

    The campus will be awash with Natashas, and lots of from Russia with love.

    Will they be able to secure more efficiently, or will they discover just like everyone else does it is a lot easier to find the flaws and exploit then it ever will be to secure.

    Even, and I mean even if you could secure up computer systems, the next port of call is social engineering and hey presto a BJ from a blonde strumpet and I think you will be giving more away than just your private keys.

  2. g00p

    @ Cat out of bag..

    How on earth do you think security solutions are found in the first place??

    They're not just going to go "Oh, its insecure, theres the flaws.... Bummer"

    Whether social engineering is a risk or not - if you tighten the locks on the first door, it'll always take longer to reach the second.

    You have to remember security isn't just about making sure some "hacker" can't compromise your network. The levels and varied factors in security are much more widespread that that initial risk.

    You also have to remember, a good security specialist ain't going to give out his ever so precious information over a blonde hussie - I know I certainly wouldn't trust my networks with a ladies man with no concern about data integrity when compromised with money or other treats...Each to their own, but if thats who you're dealing with I suggest you re-consider your current contracts ;)

    Positively - it's good to see Queens finally being put on the map, its a damn good Uni, with some incredibly talented students and staff. Its about time they were given an opportunity like this.

    Plus, they have the most amazing cafes with the worlds cheapest full Irish breakfasts just round the corner, mmmm ^_^

    ..Stop, because you need to take a little time to think.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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