back to article Ofcom claims UK leads on digital communications

Ofcom has published the third of their annual reports comparing the UK digital communications industry to those found in nearby countries, and concludes that we're the most advanced - though the Irish make more mobile calls and the Americans watch more TV. The International Communications Market Report covers every aspect of …


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  1. Bassey


    So they removed analogue as an option and then, when everyone went for the sole remaining service, claimed this makes digital more popular? That's like saying snow is more popular in Finland than the Sahara. If it's the ONLY choice it can't be more or less popular than a non-existent alternative.

    I say again. OFCOM. Retards.

  2. Steven Jones

    Life Values

    Of course it is a moot point to consider if a country is actually advancing if the inhabitants spend more of their time watching TV, gossiping on the phone, watching YouTube, playing online games and the like rather than actually doing something...

    But then Ofcom are in the game of justifying their own saleries based on what they deem to be of value.

  3. Ian K

    Damn no-nothing public

    "Equally unsurprising is the UK lead in DAB, with 34 per cent of UK residents surveyed claiming to personally own a DAB radio. 33 per cent, however, said they listen to the radio over the internet, so the need for DAB is still far from proven despite the money the BBC keeps pouring into it."

    Determined to shoehorn in the "DAB's useless and will never go anywhere" Reg line, despite the listening audience stubbornly adopting it anyway?

  4. David Webb

    US Texts

    Does that include texts sent via IM? My friend uses AIM and sends thousands of texts every month through AIM (unlimited package naturally) so that would do pretty well to up the average text per person to 108.

  5. Tom
    Paris Hilton

    Have you seen any Japanese TV?

    Its not surprising they dont want DVR's - Japanese TV is, on the whole, utter trash - variety shows and such like. I'm sure if they had some compelling content like El Beeb occasionally puts out, the Japanese would be all over DVR tech.

    Paris - because she needs a good DVR'ing

  6. Anonymous Coward


    For a moment there, I misread the title as "Ofcom leads..." when it should have been "Retarded Ofcom claims..."

    And 34% of UK residents have £50+ DAB radios. Yeah right.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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