back to article Wii whacked with patent infringement claim - again

The Wii’s been hit with yet another patent violation claim, this time by a US firm alleging that the console’s controllers its ‘Human Movement Measurement System’ (HMMS). It’s claimed that Nintendo violated a patent owned by Ohio-based company Motiva for an HMMS involving a “hand-held tracking device in communication with a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Leave the US in a technological wilderness

    Fairly simple solution as the US allow blindingly obvious things to be patented with or without working examples, is to not sell into the US. They will still want their gadgets and may then start to resolve their restrictive practices properly.

  2. sath


    Now i'm quite sceptical about this sort of stuff, mostly for the fact that this comes out of the blue near the end of 2008 with what sounds like a very quickly thought out name to attach to the device in the arguement. I'm stopping here because i'm worried that the next sentence i churn out will be extremely unstable.

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