back to article Love bug worm inspires Asian film

Asian film makers have completed filming about a movie inspired by the infamous Love Bug worm. The celluloid outing, entitled Subject: I love you, stars US actress Briana Evigan and has finished filming on the streets of Manila, in the Philippines, ahead of an expected release next year. The title of the film is the same as …


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  1. Eddie Edwards
    Thumb Up


    Love it. Worth reading the article just for that coinage.

  2. Andrew Moore

    I think I know how this one goes...

    it turns out that the girl of his dreams is a ladyboy, who gives him a love virus of his very own.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Prior Art

    Surely this is mostly inspired 'Transmission' by Hari Kunzru.

  4. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Don't let your Imagination Down, Think Real Big.

    "it turns out that the girl of his dreams is a ladyboy, who gives him a love virus of his very own." .... By Andrew Moore Posted Tuesday 11th November 2008 16:58 GMT

    In Quantum Fields, Andrew, that would also be the man of her dreams and ladyboys...... AI Viral VXXXXine ...... :-) Think of IT in AI Terms as HomeopathIQ Binary Development in XXXXStream Meme.

    Definitely House of the Rising Sun Perfumed Garden Territory that.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Some days

    I read the comments to articles just to see what comment amanfromMars will leave. As for this movie and some dinks thinking it will some how "glamorize" virus writing. Well guys that presumes that A: the film will actually get released or go straight to DVD and be instantly put in the discount bin for being so bad and thus forgotten about. Or B: People interested in writing viruses but have been sitting on the fence will be inspired by this film to go all the way. I highly doubt B is the case since if the actors in the movie can't provide any kind of coherent plot summary then the chances of it being anything but pure shit are some where between slim and none.

    Coat please, I need to pop out for a quick beer at lunch and it's cold outside.

  6. Frumious Bandersnatch Silver badge
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    zenbei ga naita

    Nuff said. Look up subject if you have to.

  7. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    What about good movies, then?

    I'm still waiting for a 20-hour celluloidization of Neil Stephenson's Cryptonomicon. It contains Mad Haxx and parts of it play in Manila around 2000.

    Also with: Libertarianism, the Birth of the Internet, Belief in America, WWII scenes, Nazis, Special Operations, Japanese Engineering, Mad Lawyers, Hot Sexxor, Alan Turing and lots of comedy.

    Ah well, back to my backup which won't work.

  8. Daniel Wilkie

    3 Words...

    Please. God. No!

  9. sath
    Paris Hilton

    oh noes

    I know the japanese are inventive, quirky sometimes with their concepts but this is really pushing it X_X

    Paris Hilton. Because the love bug film's fail factor will be 10,0000 times greater then that of 'The Hottie and the Nottie'

  10. David


    Virus writing IS cool AND sexy, i get so many chicks when i'm coding on my aspire one in a local night spot

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