back to article Toshiba launches three-GPU, four-core laptop

Toshiba has introduced a gaming laptop with not one, not two but three graphics chips on board. The Qosmio X305-Q708 packs in a pair of discrete GPUs - Nvidia's GeForce 9800M GTS chip, to be precise - that operate together in SLI mode. But the laptop also uses Nvidia's GeForce 9400M chipset, which integrates a graphics core …


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  1. Maryland, USA

    but the resolution is so yesterday

    Sorry, but 1440 x 900 is too low for a 17-inch display that aspires to be serious. That's the sort of res you find on the 17-inchers sold at low-ball prices at the big box stores. Serious 17-inchers come with 1680 x 1050 or 1920 x 1200.

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