back to article Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi ExpressCard and Wireless Receiver

Creative's X-Fi sound cards have been around for a while, but with the Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook we have the first ExpressCard 34 iteration of the breed. That's not to say laptops with ExpressCard 54 slots have been ignored - the Sound Blaster comes with a suitable adaptor. Whichever of these slots you use, the card's all …


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  1. Nigel Wallace
    Thumb Down

    What is the point

    Come on, this thing costs you £60, why?

    It can do DTS, super 5.1 surround to stereo headphones can anyone say pointless.

    If it had connectivity an optical out or something maybe.

    Judging from the review the wireless side is completely useless to.

    seems to me this thing is absolutely useless and a complete waste of money.

  2. Slik Fandango
    Jobs Halo

    Already doing the streaming thing, as are many others!

    For a few years now I have been streaming music via my Apple Airport network. Never a problem, linking to digital amps via optical out on my Airport Express as well as normal hi-fi.

    Now got an Apple TV in on the act too. Works well - and there are so many other options out there too - Phillips Streamium, and Sony included.

    Whole house has the same stuff playing - which I can control remotely via my iPod Touch....

    Oh St Steve - we love you!

    /hold breath wait for Webster...

  3. Mike
    Dead Vulture

    Pay peanuts..

    Red Faction 2?

    Are the wages that low at El Reg that you can't afford a more recent game to test it with?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Sure, I believe you

    "In a final act of desperation, we even took our belt off in case it was an issue with the metal buckle. The only effect that had was that our pants fell down and the girl from accounts got the shock of her life when she walked in. Signal reception remained the same."

    Sure I believe you thousands wouldn't

  5. John

    girl from accounts?

    why was she in your 1950s semi?

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    With a new version of windows around the corner...

    and after the way Creative handled the transition to Vista (i.e. 2 years after the release, and my then-1-year-old sound card still has a beta-quality driver and none of the advanced features available on XP), I will be avoiding Creative like the plague.

    The same Creative that attempted to charge customers of one of their product lines for a driver update ( )

    And send a "Cease and Decist" to a community member who was providing third party drivers superior to the ones Creative were supplying ( )

    They eventually surrendered in both cases - but why should you have to fight for stuff like that.

  7. Dick Emery

    Muzak to my ears?

    I just bought a 13 quid Asonic box for my laptop. Mainly so I could hook up a TOS link cable for digital surround sound when playing HD movies on my parents HDTV and surround sound receiver when I stay over.

    But wireless would be handy. That's if I could also send AC3, DTS, TrueHD, HDMI etc. Oh but they want several hundred quid for those.

  8. Colin Millar

    Handy for gamers?

    If you're gaming on a laptop its going to be a fairly decent spec. The onboard sound is going to beat the pants off this.

  9. Dustin Marquess


    Wake me up when Creative finally brings back A3D 3.0 in one of their cards...

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