back to article HP animates sleeping ProLiant power cap

Hewlett-Packard this week is delivering a new power capping technology that has been latent in its ProLiant rack and blade servers for the past several years. The technology - which is implemented in the system management software and service processors inside the servers - is called dynamic power capping, and it will help data …


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  1. Charles Osborne

    'spensive 'leccy?

    Saving 44 Watts yields a three years savings of $2,220? Who is paying Two bucks a kilowatt-hour? (Me looking through my coat for a missing multiplier.)

  2. Simon Redding

    C7000 power supplies

    It actually has six power supplies, not two.

  3. Pondule

    Number of PSUs?

    The C7000 chassis has 6 PSUs if you fill all the PSU bays, not two.

  4. Tom Maddox Silver badge


    They want $550 per server or $400 per blade to enable this technology? Come on, HP, pull the other one.

    Also, a fully-populated c7000 chassis has six power supplies. Or has that been said?

  5. Jan

    # of PSU and license price

    As I got it the c7000 actually has 12 PSU in 6 modules. This would fit to my experience with the c3000, which can accomodate half as many blades and has six 1200W PSU.

    Concerning the license price: usually you would buy a license package called ICE which also includes (copypaste)

    * HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) with the HP BladeSystem Integrated Manager (BSIM).

    * HP iLO 2 Select Pack licenses

    * HP ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP)

    * HP ProLiant Essentials Insight Power Management Pack (IPM)

    * HP ProLiant Essentials Virtual Machine Management Pack (VMM)

    * HP ProLiant Essentials Performance Management Pack (PMP)

    * HP ProLiant Essentials Vulnerability and Patch Management Pack (VPM)

    which come at a HUGE discount. IIRC we paid about 1400Euro more for a c3000 with 8 ICE licenses than for one without. Considering a single ilo2license comes a 170Euro, this was quite a deal ;)

    The black one, please

  6. Dave Silver badge

    @Charles Osborne

    You didn't read very carefully, did you? The saving is 'per enclosure' not 'per blade', though it would appear that they are assuming that all of the saving is achievable, and not wasted by the power supplies running in-efficiently...

    Quite a surprise they didn't go the whole hog and quote the figure as 'per rack' assuming that the rack is 100% full - no UPS, KVM gear, networking etc.

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