back to article Space tourist back on terra firma

Space tourist Richard Garriott and cosmonauts Oleg Kononeko and Sergei Volkov this morning returned safely to Earth from the International Space Station, touching down in their Soyuz capsule in Kazakhstan at 10:37pm CDT (03:37 GMT). Garriot stumped a cool $17m to spend ten days in space, following in the footsteps of his dad …


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  1. Mike
    Thumb Down

    Space Tourist Garriott?

    Oh you mean the creator of the Ultima series, which he is infinitely more famous for, yet wasn't mentioned in the article...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Uber Geek

    pays £17m for a 10 day vacation sitting in a tin can as far away from civilation as it is possible to be, spending each waking hour, billy no-mates, talking to radio hams on a walkie talkie.

    Way to go W5KWQ and fine business on the QSO old man.

    Pirate Flag because he nicked the icon for one of his SSTV transmissions.

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