back to article French mini M.Go is go for Q1 2009 launch

Gallic car maker Microcar has announced that its new Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) model, the M.Go, will go on sale in the first quarter of 2009. Microcar M.Go Microcar's M.Go: not quite tearing up les boulevardes The diminutive two-door urban runaround, first shown at the Paris Motor Show earlier this month, will …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    "...owners will be able to charge the M.Go from any domestic socket good for 16A".

    Erm, that'll be none then, at least not in this country!

  2. Neil Hoskins
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    'bout time

    This is just what you need for an urban runaround: I'm guessing it will be fairly nippy with a weight of around 350kg tops, if it's meeting the 'sans permis' rules in a restricted form. Only problem is that Microcar, Ligier, and Aixam cars are hand made, and consequently tend to be ridiculously expensive for what you get. What we really need now is a mass producer to take it on.

  3. GettinSadda

    Re: Recharge?

    " "...owners will be able to charge the M.Go from any domestic socket good for 16A".

    Erm, that'll be none then, at least not in this country!"

    Just because you don't have one in your home, doesn't mean they don't exist!

  4. Carl Williams
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    Re: 16a Sockets

    Easy to fit one at home though standard 3 pin weather proof connector some cable and an extra breaker in you fuse box and voila 16amp socket, £30 worth of bits and a couple of hours work.

    Not good for me or my mrs though, not enough seats, the range is too limited and they are too slow.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    @ Carl Williams

    Err.....yup, the "bits" might only cost £30...but under the changes in Building regulations (as affecting electrical safety) - the so called Part P regs - which came into effect 1 Jan 2005, any new wiring or change to existing wiring has to be done by a qualified sparks or at least overseen by them, once the work is completed....

    There's some info here:

  6. W
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    Re: domestic sockets

    16A sockets or otherwise, it's no good for me, living in a third floor flat. And flats tend to be particularly popular in cities (where this car is aimed), whereas a nice cosy garage setup is more prevalent in rural areas (where this cars uses are severely reduced).

    Basically batteries of most descriptions and in most scenarios are shockingly inadequate. Batteries in TV remote controls are dandy. Mobile phones are just about tolerable (though 3G limits this claim). Laptops are broadly insufficient (fires notwithstanding, Sony seem to be leaders).

    Anyway, back to cars: Leccy requires an age to "refill" and demands some wholescale rethinking/remodelling of infrastructure compared to the the tank/combustion model which allows for rapid (near-instant) impromptu refuelling within the existing infrastructure.

  7. Neil Hoskins


    That's interesting stuff, which I confess I hadn't considered. It looks to me as if the compressed air idea could be useful to somebody in your position, although it would rely on garages having compressors.

  8. Iain


    Performance aside, i wouldn't be ashamed to be seen it it, which is saying a lot compared with all the other pig-ugly electric cars in production out there (not including the concept cars which of course the manufacturers make pretty).

  9. Alan Jenney

    16A supply

    That's 16A in Europe, where there is higher currrent with lower voltage. It's the power required that matters and in the UK, a regular 13A 240V would suffice.

  10. Pete James


    The simple fact that they chose to plagiarise Jaguar's iconic Grace, Space, Pace strapline show what a grasping bunch of garlic stinking tosspots this lot are.

    Design? Shite.

    Range? Shite

    Styling? Shite.

    Effort? Don't be stupid, this is French for fuck's sake. The country that continually bleats about having the best clothes, food, wine and cars when it's emphatically second in all of these to the Italians. Lazy, plodding shite.

    Long- term outlook? Complete failure which will probably get propped up/bailed out by the state as per sodding usual.


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