back to article Palin demands $15m to search her own emails

US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin isn't saying citizens interested in open government can't get access to her emails. She's just saying it will cost a little. The office of the Alaska governor, which by state law is required to make such messages public, says it could cost more than $15m for anyone conducting an …


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  1. Jach

    Hire me?

    I'll do it for free, I wouldn't mind exposing all their fraudulent activities. Give me Palin's password and I'll find enough to convict her on in a few minutes.

  2. James
    Paris Hilton


    it doesn't cost $15 to do an exhaustive search of yahoo email. Palin is full of shit up to her ears. This is extortion and should be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. I hope a judge orders her to turn them over now without trying to make the taxpayers pay anything. She's nothing but a lying conniving bitch.

  3. jake Silver badge

    I'll do it for $3,508,022.56US!

    Title's self explanatory.

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  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cor, so just a few copies of grep

    could end the credit crunch :)

    The devils in the detail though, and that paper cost could well push it over the edge.

    I don't know interesting precedent to set there, maybe others could use it.

    Oh and let's have an xkcd link:

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    why should emails which, by there very nature are open and difficult to conceal, cost $15 million to investigate.

    I'd be willing to bet that someone could be hired for a couple of thousand who could retrieve and disclose all of her emails, even the carefully hidden ones!

  7. James

    13 hours per email account.

    That's hilarious, even Outlook isn't that slow!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Palin is hardly an outsider

    All the talk of Palin as a Washington outsider made me laugh from the very start. She may not live and work in Washington but she's just as corrupt as any Washington politician. This story is exactly what I expected. The only difference between her and anyone else is she has a whopping 20 months of experience as governor and has all that foreign policy experience with Russia that no one else can top.

    Palin has already violated ethics laws and violated state law by using a personal email account for governmental business as a means to keep it from being publicly accessible and archived then I most definitely don't want her as Vice President. She completely lacks the qualifications and she is corrupt.

  9. Charles Manning

    If they vote for her...

    ... they deserve her.

    I cannot believe that with a population of almost 300M, these are the best two republicans they can find. They make that useless John Kerry look competent.

    That anyone would think of putting the Nuke button in her hands is alarming.

  10. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton


    So , she probably needs the money to pay off the good citizens of a little town called Wasilla before they form an irate tar and feather mob(aka Box valley trash store town) for the over priced pork laden Palindrome Ice Rink debacle which cost about that much in the period 2000-2002 .

    The good citizens are not happy about the twenty two million dollar debt she left behind when she landed another pork consolation job for the ladettes way back in '02 , for when she arrived in 1996 there was zero debt and no sewage and when she left this huge debt behind they still had no sewage even now.

    The locals chuckle about a publicity picture of her supposedly fishing in the centre of Lake Lucille in front of her new pork built house with the state installed big family solarium* on the lake which remains unconnected for sewage or controlled water run off and she has since fought from the day she first opened the front door against any pollution control regulations for all the lake shore houses. For the reason it is well known locally in the township , due to heavy human made pollution in the weed infested lake waters the only fish anyone has caught are those floating belly up since 1994 on the same day within an hour of the Alaskan Fish and Game restocking the lake.

    *excessive use of any indoor solarium creates a super aggressive fast acting skin cancer melanoma , and her running mate Johm McCain is fully aware of all information concerning skin cancer .

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Goose, Gander - A differential study of needs...

    Now I am sure there is some spin involved on both sides (so I will assume it all cancels out) but perhaps the mayor of the town that made (alleged) rape victims pay for their rape kits might dip into her own coffers for this one. Chalk it up to total cost of ownership for her chosen email "solution".

  12. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    @Charles Manning

    I can believe that with a population of almost 300M, these are the best two republicans they can find.

  13. Chris G Silver badge


    This laughable running mate will, if she gains power, be the same kind of rabid bitch that our own Jaqui Sniff is. Putting her in the White House, even if it is only behind Mr Chips will make the state the US is in at the moment look mild in comparison.

    No-one who gains the governorship of a state can be a politicking non starter unless they are purely a puppet, in which case you have to be scared of the puppet masters. Palin is clearly, on the evidence so far a conniving, spiteful, selfseeker who should not be trusted with the reins to a one horse buggy never mind as back up to the president of the US.

    Whatever good McCain may or could have done for the States we'll never know, hopefully, as anyone with an ounce of sense who would normally vote Republican should go for the Democrat this time, a much safer bet.

    Soccer mum? My arse!

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Bad move Palin.

    I suspect that a certain internet group might be along soon and save someone "15million" dollars and about 15 minutes worth of searching...

    Makes you wonder what she has to hide? Bad move all around.

    Yes Charles. She'll probably request some mini-nukes and have them aimed and launched at all the abortion clinics she can find.

  15. Sceptical Bastard

    Only one question...

    ... that 'Murccans need ask themselves on polling day:

    "What happens if I vote Republican and McCain dies in office?"

    You want *President* Palin? Really? God help us all.

  16. Dave Bell

    Missing the problem

    It isn't Governor Palin's email account which is the problem here.

    It's all the other state employees who might have sent email to Governor Palin's husband.

    The implication is that this was done to hide things. There might not be anything that metters, just routine stuff like "Your wife is going to be late home tonight."

    But we won't know, either way, until after the Election. And that is not good.

  17. James

    On the other hand...

    I see nothing better from the top of the other ticket: Obama's vestigial track record of voting extreme-left in the Senate and IL State Senate (including opposing legislation against denying care to new-born babies in case it upset the abortion lobby!) and some extremely dodgy friends like the racist Reverend "God Damn America" Wright and Bill "I don't regret setting bombs". If that is ever the "safe" option, we're all truly screwed.

  18. Svein Skogen

    Am I missing something here?

    She's required by law to make them available. Period. Now her beancounters says it will cost $15M to retrieve mails she ILLEGALLY stored on outside servers?

    I fail to see the problem.

    It's obvious that she must pay those $15M herself. This amount is the price to fix HER wrongdoing. If she refuses, indict her for contempt.


  19. Anonymous Coward

    Obviously they've never heard of beagle search

    find anything anywhere fast :)

  20. Elmer Phud Silver badge

    Lost already?

    Maybe Palin realises she's not going to get to the White House and has also realised she won't be writing the book about being McCains' sidekick.

    "Just gimme the money now 'cos I won't be doing a book release in four years time".

    She's in touch with the futures market, is all.

  21. Peter Gold badge

    $15M? More like $1k

    OK; throw in another $1k for a new laptop so it can be used and then destroyed.

    All it takes is one tech, a copy of Thunderbird and a fat TSA bloke to watch over him (may set a precedent to let them do something useful). And this will take an hour max, unless the White House has suddenly switched to dialup modems.

    Who the hell is she trying to kid?

  22. Anonymous Coward


    The woman is starkers, with her great staring mad eyes. But the mad woman of Wasilla casts no shadow, and she tries to conceal that with the 15 million dollar holdup.

    And have you ever seen her blink? Nor have I. Watch carefully the next time she is shown on the telly. And another thing, how is it she can whip up a lynch mob ^H^H^H^H^H^H bunch of Republicans the way she does?

    The truth is out there, and so is John McPalin.

  23. Frumious Bandersnatch Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    15 million dollars?

    Who says Americans can't do comedy?

    Also, who's been paying for the beancounters to come up with this ridiculous figure? And how much?

    Sir Humphrey would be proud.

  24. Sandra Greer
    Thumb Down

    As a 'Murccan...

    I am totally blushing with embarrassment over this whole election. Of course, it should come as no surprise. Everyone remembers the 2000 election. Everyone who is old enough remembers Nixon, who now appears, by comparison, an elder statesman.

    Do you think we could trade our Republican party to Russia for their mobsters? Might be an improvement for us!

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Beware: irrelevant titles ahead

    $15 million? I wouldn't even pay that to search through her underwear draw!

    And what does Paris think of Palin? Hang on, Alaska...

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ask a question get smeared....

    Obama's past record give us an indication of Obama's integrity.  Obama said the following:

    1) To "we the people" during the primary campaign, Obama said I will take public financing for my president campaign if John McCain does.

    2) To Hillary Clinton, Obama said I will negotiate with John McCain about taking public financing for my presidential campaign.

    3) Obama about pork barrel spending earmarks. I am against pork barrel spending.

    4) About where his political career started during the last presidential debate. My political career absolutely didn't start in Bill Ayer's living room. The formal political kick off meeting was in a Ramada Inn. Obama's political career includes planning the kickoff meeting.

    5) Obama said he would vote for funding troops, instead voted NO on unrestricted funding and Yes on funding with a withdrawal time line.

    6) Obama said he would never disavow Rev Wright, claiming Rev Wright was like family.

    7) About Bill Ayers, self admitted terrorist on the United States, Obama said "he is a guy in the neighborhood, I don't talk with him".

    8) About ACORN, Obama said during the last presidential debate "I represented them as legal consul, that is all".

    9) Obama said about Joe the Plumber "how many plumbers do you know that make a quarter of a million dollars" after Obama told Joe "spread the wealth around, its good for everybody" in response to a question from Joe about Obama's tax plan.

    How many of the above turned out to be true statements?

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chris G

    Damn it Chris G why you have to go say that . Now you got me on edge ever time I see and article about how Jacqui wants finger print and put every one on a data base, about how she wants to hold people for 48 hours.

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Private accounts for public business are illegal...

    ...of course. Public business has to be conducted in public. We may not get to read all the traffic -- some mail is quite properly confidential -- but we have to have all traffic archived and available by court order and to future historians. Its just too easy to erase emails -- the current Administration's been big on (illegally) using private mail servers so it could keep its dealings from public scrutiny.

    The $15mil is just some number designed to deter people from rummaging around in her mail traffic. We already know far too much about our hometown girl for our overall comfort level and that's with the Republican campaign machine's cloaking device running full bore. I'd be fascinated to see what else there is (but somehow I don't think I'd be surprised).

    I've put Paris on this one because she'd make a far better candidate for office than Palin -- she's actually got something between her ears.

  29. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Joe Six Pack?

    Don't you mean Democrat hit squad witchfinder generals? After all, the whole affair is just a desperate Dem smokescreen to try and paint Governor Palin in a bad light, as the Dem's really wouldn't want people instead reading about Obama's links to such lovely people as Nadhmi Aiuchi, billionaire Iraqi and convicted fraudster. They'd much rather waste time and money poking away into Governor Palin's email than letting people hear about the links between Tony Rezko, Obama and Aiuchi....

  30. Mr B


    yeah they all are, big deal.

    At least I expect them to be smart. Frankly gov.palin@yahoo. com to conduct official business on the QT ... God she's daft.

  31. Geoff Mackenzie

    I would comment

    But it would cost $15 to do so. Sorry.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    liberal hate squad may regret their smart mouths.

    All you radical far left liberal haters are all so conveniently forgetting that obama won't release his birth certificate, or his true associations with Ayers, and Acorn. Get a life you aberrants, you may get what you want, and then you may not like it. After all, voting Pelosi and Reid into office was a HUGE BLUNDER. After nobama declares defeat and installs radical socialism you may be fighting Al Queada in YOUR HOME TOWN. You may well be running and running and running, trying to hide and hide and hide deeper, maybe in a spider hole like Saddam. I can predict with certainly that you will be truly frightened by then and your mouths may be rather dry and long last.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    > I see nothing better from the top of the other ticket: Obama's vestigial

    > track record of voting extreme-left in the Senate and IL State Senate

    I don't know what you mean by "vestigal." Perhaps that word doesn't mean what you think it means? Anyway, how can one have a track record of voting extreme left in the Senate? Are you saying that every once in a while a bunch of senators manage to slip in some commie legislation into the pile? I don't see any other way to interpret what you're saying, so in effect you must be saying that Congress is infested with commies, no? Didn't McCarthyism end in the 1950's?

    > (including opposing legislation against denying care to new-born babies ...)

    Please provide a link to the legislation in question so we can decide if it really is about outlawing denial of care to new-born babies. Because I don't believe you and I think your "Obama is a baby-murdering commie" angle is a little hard to swallow.

    > and some extremely dodgy friends

    oh come on now, I'm sure you have a few extremely dodgy friends

    > like the racist Reverend "God Damn America" Wright

    The guy who said that 9/11 was the "chickens coming home to roost"? Read some Chomsky, or maybe ask someone from outside the US what we think of your imperialist history. You might have to accept that maybe Rev. Wright had a point. And even if you don't think the attacks were in any way understandable or predictable, even in hindsight (unjustified and stupid as any terrorist attack is, mind), since 9/11 you've certainly done plenty to encourage hatred of America and terrorist attacks against her all by yourselves with your facile "The War Against Terror" (TWAT) ballyhoo. Oh, and as for the quote you mentioned... yes, God Damn America... for being so fearfully xenophobic and ignorant of history laws of cause and effect that you would gladly believe all the propaganda being spewed out by the elites in your country and allow your leaders to shit all over the Constitution and the US people and let them get away with all in the name of fake nationalism and "protecting the country". FFS, I used to respect and admire the USA, but given the last eight years, I think maybe God would be right to abandon the lot of you.

    > and Bill "I don't regret setting bombs".

    Oh, you're just trolling. What about Palin's ties to a radical secessionist group? What about McCain's long-standing ties to convicted Watergate felon Scooter Libby? Ties to Jack Abramov? And just what was William Timmons, the guy McCain has chosen to head his transitional team (should he, heaven forbid, manage to win this election) doing lobbying for easing international sactions against Iraq at a time when Saddam was a US enemy? If anyone is hurting the US, it's people like Bush/Cheney/McCain/Palin and their croney "pals", frankly.

    > If that is ever the "safe" option, we're all truly screwed.

    Don't be such a drama queen.

  34. Captain DaFt
    Paris Hilton

    @ Charles Manning

    "I cannot believe that with a population of almost 300M, these are the best two republicans they can find. They make that useless John Kerry look competent."

    The problem is, no one with any intelligence, no matter what their political affiliation, wants to get involved in the circus of idiocy that US politics has devolved into.

    So we're stuck with the type of bozo that doesn't have enough talent to be an actor, singer, or professional athlete, but still wants to be a media whore, running for office.

    The Paris Icon because yes, she actually has more talent than any government office holder. Explains it all, doesn't it?

  35. heystoopid

    Oh No

    Oh no @james & @ac are merely excellent demonstrators of how many brainwashed indoctrinated dumb and stupid redneck repukes, who are unable to get their facts straight at the best of times concerning presidential candidate Barack Obama and quite willingly spread misinformation , lies and and total fiction all of which has been thoroughly debunked countless times with all the evidence available in the intertubes and in spite of this information they still walk around spreading this so called elephant dung as though the truth does not exist in their one questionable thought a time single one way loop track brain cell, along with their heads buried in their posterior oblivious to the country burning or falling down around them both literally and figuratively too .

    Remember these wankers are spreading guilt by association illogical mobius loop foldback argument and so thus if Barack is guilty of the T word by associating with a well known senior educator from Chicago, then this would by the same implication make the entire current US senate from 2004 , along with the lower house going all the way back to the redoubtable Ronald Reagan guilty of the same identical crime including who is whom in Illinois too .

    We tend to forget that in the sixties they were very really crazy times in the US and the worst crime that Bill Ayers and his associates unconvicted felons of any crime other than wanton vandalism by blowing up a statue and nobody was killed either points they always forget to mention .

    As for ac's alleged nine points they are but a pointless diatribe so easily debunked and the last point about Joe the the non self employed out door unlicensed plumber the IRS puts the average filed income in this group at under USD$50K , oops and so one can take apart the list of basic crapola supplied with surprising ease.

    What price a choice indeed , thankfully as fast as the elephant dung is being shovelled in to daylight it is swiftboated back to the other side with interest as this will be the very first US presidential Election covered by the Ted Stevens Intertubes and the repukes are living in the land called denial .

    As for james and ac ,one hopes a mile high pile of elephant dung falls from the sky and buries you in you own pile of fiction , red herrings and propaganda crap you are attempting to spread on "el reg" , may you be swiftboated back to oblivion too for spreading propaganda without a license !

  36. Anonymous Coward

    Re: I'll do it for $3,508,022.56US!

    In that case, I'll do it for $3,508,021.56US... should take about a couple of hours... >$1m/hr sounds good!

  37. Chris G Silver badge

    @ liberal hate squad blah blah AC

    I bet you think the world was made six thousand years ago and have an NRA t shirt with cold dead fingers on it ( not that that's a bad thing)

  38. Daniel

    Re: All the ACs....

    Has anyone else noticed that nearly all of the blatant right wing lies showing up here are spouted by people who don't have the guts to even use a nickname?

    Anyway, I'd go over why most of what you all said is complete BS, but it's already been touched on, and frankly, I'm getting tired of arguing with people who really don't care what I have to say, and are just trying to stir up trouble. However, unlike most of you lying mudslingers, I'll at least sign my name the same way I do all my posts to the Reg.


    P.S. - This is not at all meant to insult Republicans who DO have the honor and integrity to both avoid blatant lies and sign their names. I know you're out there, it's just the obnoxious ones who make the most noise.

  39. Jim Oase

    Who determine the costs?

    "State bean counters say it will cost $960.31 to search each employee's account. If email for all 16,000 employees are processed, the exact figure is $15,364,000.96. "

    The article says the state bean counters came up with the cost for an individual and for doing a check on every state employee. Not exactly Palin demanding anything is it?

    The title writers need to assume "we the people" can read and understand too.


  40. Sillyfellow

    all idiots..

    ..people who break the law (using pvt email for official communications), and then get to ask for 15mil because of it?!? .. and also the people who stand by and allow this are idiots too.

    what happend to 'tazer,arrest, prosecute'? oh, i forgot, that is just for us 'common folks'..

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @liberal hate squad may regret their smart mouths

    Thanks for proving the point exactly.

    Here's a tip for ya: go and read the Constitution. Then look at what your laws actually say. For a bonus, Google for "signing statements".

    The point is quite simply that she has broken the law by using external email accounts for business. This means SHE has acted illegally, so SHE bears the costs for proving that nothing illegal happened in those email exchanges (and logic dictates that the suspicion is there - why else would she have done it?). And what flaming idiot uses a public email provider for goverment business? That's IMHO a breach of confidentiality because of the deliberate introduction of an uncontrolled risk to communication (QED by someone hacking it). The very fact that someone dares voicing these totally idiotic costs proves that they still haven't learned - even the crisis they caused hasn't mattered.

    Yes, that's right, it's something you forgot (or try to casually skip). The current club (of which they are fully signed on members) is not "going to lead us through the crisis" (ditto for Blair & Brown in the UK), THEY CAUSED IT. Every time these guys say "the world crisis" they "forget" to mention ".. which we caused", so you best mentally add this every time you hear them speak to ensure you keep the right perspective.

    The next time your friends lose their jobs or have their houses repossessed, think about who you voted for. The next time you're abroad and people turn away from you because you have an American accent, think about what you allowed to happen to a nation full of potential and people like Randy Pausch who showed just what the nation is capable of. Because you carry some of that guilt. If want a country like that, why not move to Zimbabwe? You'll feel right at home.

    If the current club gets a new ticket via McCain and Palin, replace "Iceland" with "US" in the following joke:

    What's the capital of Iceland? About £3.50

    The problem is that you will also have to replace "£3.50" with "MINUS $ 10,339,604,576,207.81" (ten trillion and counting), which means your present share of that is $33,907.55 (as of October 19th 08:56:58 AM). Kinda painful since you guys started with a surplus?

    Paris, because she has more of a clue than you have. And is much more decorative/fun/hot than Palin (well, OK, that goes for practically any husky too, never been into pit bulls).

    Now rinse your mouth with soap, take your bloody medicine and get a friggin clue. Oh, and that knocking? The bank foreclosed on your mortgage. You have 15 minutes to pack.

  42. The Other Steve
    Thumb Up

    ZOMGWTF!! Liberal socialist Al Qadea paedophiles!!!!!!

    "After nobama declares defeat and installs radical socialism you may be fighting Al Queada in YOUR HOME TOWN"

    Riiiight, and shortly after the US president elect gets done importing insurgents from Iraq and Afghanistan he'll probably embark on a nationwide child molestation tour, stopping only to sell some drugs and pirate a few DVDs. And you really need to look the words "radical" and "socialism" up in a quality dictionary.

    I don't know which way this election will go, I mean sure there's a huge number of redneck morons who won't vote for Obama because he's black, or they think he's a terrorist, but I'm sure a quick survey would put those good ol folks into the same bit of the Venn diagram who wouldn't vote for him because he's a democrat, and therefore a "liberal", which is apparently an insult in parts of the USA, though I still fail to understand exactly why.

    Either way though, with this kind of quality of political thinking, I'm confident that we can look forward to a brutal, protracted and very entertaining civil war.

    I just can't wait for the plaintive cries of the militiamen as Obama ships them off to Gitmo : "No, no, I'm not a terrorist, I'm a PATRIOT! GOD IS ON _MY_ SIDE! Noooo!"

    Decades of lulz.

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why are state employees sending emails to her husband and not her?

    Why do they want to search the husband's received emails, so they're official emails that should be retained and available for public scrutiny are they?

    What kind of game is this woman playing? She's a devious little sh*t.

    God f**ng help the entire world if she get's into office.

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @liberal hate squad may regret their smart mouths.

    Yay! Class act.

    Sub FoTW but still an admirable attempt..

  45. Dan

    @ Ask a question get smeared....

    And lest not forget McCain at those "Sin Feinn" dinner fundraisers in the 80s. You all loved them back then.

  46. Frumious Bandersnatch Silver badge

    @James, ACs

    I don't know if you guys believe that stuff you're spouting. I'm not going to bother arguing because previous posters have done a perfectly good job of that. I won't pay it no nevermind. Regardless of what you think of Obama, I think if you're honest with yourselves there is one thing that you guys do have to admit, though: the guy got class.

  47. Andus McCoatover


    <<That's hilarious, even Outlook isn't that slow!>>

    Run that fuck*er on hasta la Vista, baby! Then tell me what s l o w is.


    Why not use "wget" - with a depth search of about 20 to ferret through Ms. Palin's undies? Save a UK bank or two?

    Password's probbly "vicepresident" anyway. If not, "John-The-Ripper" is your best mate.

    Anyone got a 500G hard drive in their jacket pocket? Apart from me?

    Enjoy, and publish the results here. (Not in a US-controlled country, tho'. FBI'll get ya. Shit, that's everywhere but North Korea, and anywhere where there aint no Ni*ggers).

    (mine's the one with ½-terabyte disk in the pocket, and a Golliwog on the lapel)

  48. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Its the Law?

    Has someone cited the actual Alaska State codes concerning emails and communications? Everyone keeps saying "Its da Law" (best Judge Dredd voice), but Alaska State law may not be that advanced on electronic communications since they still rely on Radio and Airplanes to deliver messages to most of the State!

  49. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Looking at some of the insane frothing above, especially the unsolicited and drooling "OMG OBAMA WIL EAT UR CHILDREN LOL" posts, I have to say...

    Please don't let Americans vote. That is all. Good day.

    My coat, garcon, please.

  50. Diogenies

    Read the story more closely

    An Alaska state judge has ordered Palin to preserve the contents of the account. - OK so far so good then ....

    The emails Palin's office has valued at $15m were sent by various state employees to her husband, Todd, who is not a state employee. State bean counters say it will cost $960.31 to search each employee's account.


    GOT IT ?????????????????????????????????

  51. Anonymous Coward


    hearrns ?cannot trust thrm

  52. G Fan

    Emails sent to Yahoo!, right?

    The same Yahoo! that happily forked over details of dissident bloggers to the Chinese government?

    The Yahoo! that happens to control the servers with the emails on, and may or may not be keeping a backup?

    Surely it's simpler just to provide a court order to Y! and have /them/ publish the account. They have form, after all...

  53. Aortic Aneurysm

    lol, wutermelon?

    Some absolute mungo's posting on here, in particular the Anonymous "obama raped my dad and ate my kids" Coward brigade.

  54. Scott

    Oh Goodness

    The state of Alaska is charging those prices after being flooded by requests from news organizations--no surprise there, and the cost of $15 million would be for searching all 16,000 state employee accounts. The state is also wanting to hand over the e-mails to the press on November 17th, I don't see any quotes in the AP article from Palin herself.

    The news organizations are requesting any e-mails from state employees to Todd Palin--most likely as part of Troopergate. Somehow I doubt all 16,000 employees have e-mailed Todd, and wonder how many may end up being legitimate.

    You'd think with all the news organizations digging up any dirt they can on Palin that more would have come up. (But it is odd how little is being made about the son-of-a-Democrat hacking her account.)

    But what really bothers me is attitudes like this:

    <i>We tend to forget that in the sixties they were very really crazy times in the US and the worst crime that Bill Ayers and his associates unconvicted felons of any crime other than wanton vandalism by blowing up a statue and nobody was killed either points they always forget to mention .</i>

    They were investigated for the death of a police offer and the maiming of another in 1970, and killed three of their own when one of their own bombs exploded prematurely. The only reason Ayers is not sitting in a jail cell today was because the charges were dropped due to prosecutorial conduct. Being unconvicted is by no means innocent.

    So what's the moral balance on this? Is Palin Al Capone because of an ethics violation and bad judgment on using a Yahoo account, or is it better Obama is buddies with an unrepentant terrorist and people like Rezko?

    I see small fish and big problems, and as usual will vote for the lesser of two evils. But I have to ask the Dems and others here, if Palin was connected in the same way to Ayers, would you really be railing on so much on how this is all old news and so what, just look the other way?

  55. Paul


    LMFAO as they say. I for one had totaly forgoten the strong links alot of 'merkins have too people like the IRA and the UDF.

  56. Anonymous Coward

    @ Dodgyknees


    ...and the suspicion is (rightly, since she has attempted to circumvent official channels once already) that those messages were sent to her husband as a proxy for her, and dealt with official business.

    And if it were official beancounters who came up with that figure then either they're being partisan (no, really) or they haven't got a fuckin' clue.


    I don't think the Republicans want to win.

    I really don't. They've made their money through a few dodgy deals and have a nice pension ahead immune from responsibility so now it's time to quit and let someone else sort out the mess.

    Only problem is that since those crazy hippy democrats picked a black man for the ticket the Republican's campaign team have had to work a bit harder to lose. (hence Palin).

    Penguin because I want to stay as far away from Alaska as possible.

  58. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    meanwhile, on planet Earth...

    ... all citizens (of the UK - see Whacky Slapp^H^Hcker Jaqui Smiff's latest attack on civil liberties... and I am quite sure elsewhere - search for room 416A) are expected to sit back calming and embrace the introduction of facilities and sweeping new legislation designed specifically to provide a copy of every single email, text message, telephone call and browsed webpage to the governement.


    Better pop off now, I hear the rotor blades of a US minesweeper above.

  59. Smallbrainfield

    Please for the love of all that is sane.

    Please stop using that image of Sarah Palin. It sends a shiver down my spine.

  60. TeeCee Gold badge


    "......Palindrome Ice Rink debacle...."

    You mean "IceRinkdebacleelcabedkniRecI" then?

  61. Anonymous Coward



    But what really bothers me is attitudes like this:

    <i>We tend to forget that in the sixties they were very really crazy times in the US and the worst crime that Bill Ayers and his associates unconvicted felons of any crime other than wanton vandalism by blowing up a statue and nobody was killed either points they always forget to mention .</i>


    I see small fish and big problems, and as usual will vote for the lesser of two evils. But I have to ask the Dems and others here, if Palin was connected in the same way to Ayers, would you really be railing on so much on how this is all old news and so what, just look the other way?


    First an apposite quote: "you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows." That's not a radical statement, by the way. It's just a comment on how obvious it is that the majority of US citizens want change from the toxic politics of the last 8 years. Oh, and Ayers is irrelevant to boot. Nothing to see here, move along.

    You offer a hypothetical and ask (paraphrasing) "if Palin had ties to radicals, would we be saying that's just old news, irrelevant?" The problem is that Palin's radical ties aren't exactly old news. Neither are they as tangential to the candidate as Ayers is to Obama. So the answer is, "no, and you're being disingenuous in asking the question that way. Obama may have known Ayers, and there's no evidence whatsoever that he is influenced by him politically or ideologically (quite the opposite, since he has renounced his acts on several occasions), but there is copper-fast evidence that Palin has links with, and has given support to a secessionist group." By putting the question the way you have, you're trying to (a) act as if Palin doesn't have radical ties, (b) ignore the fact that Palin's ties are not "old news" , (c) make out (falsely) that Obama's ties with Ayers are stronger and more dangerous than Palin's ties with the Alaskan Independence Party, and (d) insult our intelligence.

    I'll finish with another saying: "A fish rots from the head." Can you seriously say you want to put Palin in as head of your country? Because <i>i</i> smell something fishy here.

  62. Frumious Bandersnatch Silver badge

    this is bad news

    ... for OBAMA!

  63. Ash

    It may well take $15m to go through everyone's email...

    However, for Yahoo! to grep all emails in the account should take about... Oooh... $2.00 of tech time.

    The output can be in text format, or stored in an SQL database with a pretty front end for the guys sifting through it to go "Ooooh that's relevant! PRINT!" or "Rubbish, it's a shopping list. IGNORE." or "Sun bathing photos? LEAK TO PRESS!"

    All in all, maybe cost about $10k in wages for the people to sift through it.

  64. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    13 hour search query

    I think they plan to print them THEN search them

  65. Jason DePriest

    Obaba is a Muslim

    I read it on the Internet.

  66. Mark

    What are the moderators doing???

    Or do they allow any old shit on?

  67. Chris G Silver badge

    Has anyone

    Noticed the uncanny resemblance of expression in the photographs that El Reg is using of Wacky Jaqui and Sideshow Sarah

  68. Pierre Silver badge

    Fiery pants spotted

    Not that it's terribly surprising, but it's surprisingly obvious. Are Merkins really that stupid, or is she making yet another idiotic move?

    On a sidenote, I don't see the TMatt-o-tron and his "maybe but Obama is a terrorist paedo" stance here, posting as anon by any chance?

  69. J-Wick
    Thumb Up

    Debunking a few Obama myths:

    Here's the Snope's article on Obama's birth certificate:

    I would encourage US voters of either persuation to read the Snopes pages on McCain, Obama & Palin, in their 'Politics' section:

    Though I would imagine anyone curious enough to want to validate third-party claims about their candidate of choice would not be swayed by rabble-rousers anyway....

    An informed electorate FTW!

  70. Anonymous Coward

    Palin and jacqui are two of a kind

    You're sure they're not twins separated at birth (or hatching)?

  71. yeah, right.

    Sad part?

    A significant portion of Americans will still vote for this bag of lies, because they just don't give a shit. Unsurprisingly, their mainstream press is all quiet about the issue, and is trying very hard to give McCain/Palin as much of a free ride as possible. From the Boston Globe to New York Times to San Francisco Chronicle, nobody is bringing attention to how often McCain and Palin have misinformed, mislead and outright lied to everyone.

  72. Al Jones

    @Matt Bryant

    Maybe you're a closet "Democrat hit squad witchfinder general" yourself - how else can you explain the fact that you don't bother actually bother providing information about "Obama's links to such lovely people as Nadhmi Aiuchi, billionaire Iraqi and convicted fraudster."

    Oh, I forgot, the only actual evidence of such links is the sort of smoke and mirrors misdirection that the Rovicans have specialised in for the last 15 years, and the sort of people who read The Register have a slightly better grasp of the whole concept of "critical thinking" than your average Rovian foot soldier.

    The problem for the Rovicans is that the sort of people who fall for that sort of shit were never going to vote for a N*gg*r anyway, so they aren't a net gain for the Rovicans.

    I used to think it was weird that the states that voted for the Rovicans were called "Red States", until I relaized just how Soviet that sort of group think really is.

  73. Pierre Silver badge

    @Al Jones

    You spotted the TMatt-o-tron before I did. Kudos. I should get glasses prolly.

  74. kain preacher Silver badge

    Birth certifcate

    Can some please explain to me what good it would do to release Obama's birth birth certificate ??

  75. Mark

    re: Birth certifcate

    Because Obama wasn't born in the US. That McCain wasn't either is why they aren't asking for McCain's birth certificate.

    Kind of tells you who they support, really.

  76. Chris

    Land of the free!

    Does it matter where they were born? I thought the whole point of the American Dream was that anyone could go there, pledge allegiance to the flag, work hard, and make something of themselves.

    Or is that just Hollywood.

  77. Mark

    Give me your huddled masses


    Erm, sorry.

    Yours sincerely,

    G Washington.

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