back to article Lenny might be late

Debian project leader Steve McIntyre has dismissed claims that the next stable version of Debian – codename Lenny – could be delayed until June 2009. Based on the number of outstanding release-critical bugs and the time it has taken to fix them on previous releases, Debian developer Bastian Venthur estimated it will take a …


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  1. NickR

    end of the month...

    Is that end of the month 2008 or 2009 ?

  2. Chris Peterson

    Software project behind schedule! News at 11!

    Especially Debian.

  3. Quirkafleeg

    Place your bets

    I say early November.

    THIS year.

  4. Adam Trickett

    Why worry?

    I don't care when it comes out as long as it's good.

    Debian - good things come to those who wait...

  5. Matthew Coulson

    Using Lenny at the moment

    It's fantastic already - a few minor bugs (nmbd doesn't like starting on boot, but starts fine afterwards) but it's a big improvement over Etch.

    Lets hope that pushing back the release means we get Lenny-and-a-half from the moment Lenny was supposed to hit stable.

  6. A.Lizard

    so what?

    Premature OS releases usually are embarrassments for the groups that release them. Remember Vista? It isn't just MS. I actually tried OpenSUSE/KDE4 just after it escaped. Luckily, a guest VM is easy to blow away.

    Props to the Debian dev team for having sense enough to wait until they get it right.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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