back to article Boris to give out Olympic 'BlackBerries'

Visitors to the 2012 Olympics may be entertained by “handheld electronic devices” designed to provide spectators with a “more intimate experience”. The “handheld devices”, it transpired, will most likely be “some sort of Blackberry”, helping visitors to find their way around, and providing them with action replays of key …


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  1. James


    You could call them Bozberries - small annoying devices that cling to arseholes.

  2. Justin
    IT Angle

    London after Beijing

    The best thing that London 2012 could do after Beijing is to return to a sports-based Olympics rather than a show-off of culture. It would be hard to do (given the egos at stake) but in the long term, London would be thanked for breaking the ever-increasingly expensive cycle of oneupmanship. It's the obvious thing to do given the budget, and it would leave behind a legacy of sports rather than a hangover.

    Blackberries? If you're going to watch it live, you expect to see tiny dots in the distance. If you want to watch close-up, you'll get better coverage (and value for money) watching at home.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    It's a modern apprenticeship.

    If Boris can do a good job of the Olympics then he will have proved himself capable of running the country. I have always said that while labour do a good job of running local government, the macro management of the tories wins through in national government. Boris will no doubt have realised that unlike the labour government, the IT project people of the NHS and the credit card spenders of middle england, you can't spend more than you have.

  4. Wayland Sothcott Bronze badge

    @ James

    Boris is a bit of a hero, he seems to be responsible for getting rid of Sir Ian Blair (from office, I might add). I think what Boris means about our Olymics being just as good as China for less money is like shepards pie at home being just as good as a posh meal in a resturant, sometimes you just want something normal.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    reminds me a bit of mill-e-mail

    Yet another useless gov bozo announcing some crappy idea to give out free technology to help the masses.

    When most pepole prob will have one or won't want one. Remember the grand plan to give every child an email address in the year 2000?!?!


  6. Anonymous Coward


    How many of those will go missing, unless they put RFID chips in them and kill anyone leaving without handing them back.

    Mines rhe one with Farday cages for pockets.

  7. James Green


    As London MP and Committee Member Alan Keen later observed: “He is all too easily able to overwhelm his interrogators with a flood of words, in which the original question gets lost.”

    Give Boris used to be an MP why should this surprise people? Or perhaps they're surprised that Boris hasn't gone further in politics already.

  8. David

    Waffle and bumbling

    “He is all too easily able to overwhelm his interrogators with a flood of words, in which the original question gets lost.”

    Especially in the odd appearance in "Have I Got News For You". Come to think of it, he hasn`t been on for a while. Wonder why?

  9. M

    Hi Boris

    I will take a BB Storm now kthxbai

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sounds a bit like Kangaroo TV

    often seen for hire at motorsports events, where you can tap into whichever video feed takes your fancy, including live timing, commentary, the pits or whatever else the organisers care to make available. Should translate nicely to the longer events, or times when there's lots going on. And it already works.

  11. Brian Milner

    @ Wayland Sothcott

    > [Boris was] responsible for getting rid of Sir Ian Blair

    He denied responsibility this morning on Radio 4's Today Programme. He also said that journalists who believed his Deputy had claimed responsibility, were mistaken.

    It's certainly not within his purview.

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